4 month old baby for help

Is your baby crying a lot?

You were so excited to have your baby and now things may be different from what you expected. Your baby is screaming and screaming. Nothing is missing and it is healthy. Stay calm. Your baby can't help it screaming so much. It doesn't scream to annoy you. Here are some tips on what could help calm your baby down.

All babies cry in the first few months of life, some more, some less. Even healthy, well-cared for infants can cry long and frequently. The baby can't help it. Neither did his parents.

As a rule, baby crying begins from the 2nd week of life. It usually reaches its peak in the 6th week of life. Healthy babies cry an average of 2 to 2.5 hours a day when they are 2 months old.

Good to know: the screaming phase is over. Usually from the 4th month.

But every child is different! There are also babies who cry little or whose crying phase is at a different point in time.

Why babies cry

Babies cry because they have no other way of expressing their needs. Screaming is the only way for them to show that something is missing. Comfort your child when they cry. This is how your child experiences that you are there for them and they can build trust.

Babies cry because they:

  • are tired or hungry
  • sweat or freeze
  • need a new diaper
  • Need rest
  • seek the proximity of mother or father
  • want to cuddle
  • and and and

Important: Babies never cry to annoy. They can't do that at all.

In the course of the first few months you will get to know your child better and better. You can then distinguish why it is screaming and what it is currently needing. Are you unsure whether your baby is in pain or sick? Then see a pediatrician.

Some healthy, well-cared for infants cry for no apparent reason and cannot be comforted. The screaming attacks can start suddenly. Especially in the evening, the baby cries a lot and is inconsolable.

So-called insatiable screaming is often a sign of normal adjustment difficulties. This makes it difficult for the baby to rest or fall asleep. Even if the parents try everything to calm their child down.