Which artist sang, we will rock

Rock Five2nine! - "We are not pop stars"

Instead, five2nine concentrate on what brought them together: the fun of music. "We all wanted to play in a band again, and not just like that, but with great concerts." Like many musicians, Hannes, Michi, Karsten, Matze, Wolf and Heiner played in bands as youngsters long before they met. Most of the time, either studying in a distant city, and later the newly founded family in between. Making music took a back seat. Unfortunately.
A few years ago there was this one concert at which Matze and Wolf quickly realized: We can do that too, and maybe even better. "We immediately felt like playing together." That was in 2007. Gradually, the two guitarists Hannes (vocals), Michi (drums) and Karsten (bass) joined them. Heiner, the keyboardist, completed the band in 2009. Admission criteria? There was only one thing: "We had to tick on the same wavelength. But that was always the case immediately," said singer Hannes.
The best prerequisites for the live rock band. But how did the name come about? From 9 to 5 or a little longer, everyone goes to their jobs. Everything about the band happens in the hours in between, hence "five2nine".
In the beginning, you still rehearse in a cramped attic in Salzgitter - √úfingen above a horse stable, the current rehearsal room is pure luxury, in which you can feel very comfortable. The band has met here weekly for almost a year and a half. With six members from architects to doctors, it is not always easy to arrange the samples so that everyone has time.
"But we have a common goal, with all the fun we have together: Our performances are important to us, we want to play these pieces and work on them differently, more purposefully than we were when we were young." The band agrees on that. And the audience benefits from it. You can feel this positive drive, the harmonious interaction of all band members and the fun that the guys have on stage themselves. Whether on the rehearsal stage or during a live performance, the rock classics like "Addicted to Love," Just another night , "China Girl," Don "t Stop or" Carbonara are great hits with the audience. No cuddly toys then fly onto the stage, but the six musicians don't even want to become pop stars anymore. "Unless we are forced into this role ...", says singer Hannes with a wink. They have other plans: It should be a tour of Ireland, the first fixed destinations: Tullamore and Cork. It starts in 2011.

A contribution by Marni Julia Santos Alves for BS-Live!