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10 inspiring blogs that every startup founder should know


In the course of advancing digitization, corporate blogs have become more and more important and are now also used to record information on subjective topics. In addition to our blog, there are numerous others aimed at founders and those interested in starting a business.


Corporate blogs for startups

The supreme discipline of content marketing is corporate blogging. The aim is to convey knowledge and information to readers. But also beyond that: to provide “help for self-help”. There are also blogs that produce qualitative content exclusively for startup founders. In the following we have listed the ten best startup blogs that we think are worth mentioning. Have fun exploring and reading!

Blog # 1: DIGITALHUB.DE [The hardest part of starting up is starting out]

Of course, we would like to start with our blog page. Our blog has interesting articles on topics such as startups, founding, digitization, IT trends and so on. There are also exciting interviews, news and updates on our and other interesting events from the Bonn region and NRW! In our blog you will also find the latest news about our accelerator program, coworking space and other spaces!


Blog # 2: t3n.de [digital pioneers]

t3n.de is the online platform of the t3n magazine, which is published by yeebase media in Hanover. In addition to reporting on topics relating to the digital economy, the website offers a job exchange, a company directory, a weekly podcast and a dedicated network for the digital industry.


Blog # 3: gruenderszene.de [news from the startup scene]

Gründerszene is the leading online magazine for the digital economy in Germany and reports on startups throughout Germany and internationally. The focus is on the so-called Tech startups and internet startups (e-commerce, artificial intelligence). The reader can expect up-to-date news and background information, as well as in-depth analyzes, specialist articles by experts, opinions, portraits and reports.


Blog # 4: fuer-gruender.de [portal for founders]

Für-Gründer is Germany's largest online portal for business start-ups, which actively supports founders throughout the entire process from the idea to corporate management. The portal helps in the search for consultants, service providers or business partners, is a network partner for the most important events, provides tools such as the entrepreneurial hero and daily information in the GründerDaily


Blog # 5: deutsche-startups.de [news from the start-up scene]

deutsche-startups.de reports daily on news from the German internet start-up scene. Interviews, portraits of individual startups and founders as well as market overviews on interesting segments add to the noise of the news. Background information on investors and business angels as well as guest contributions by well-known founders and other Internet personalities round off the comprehensive range of information on German startups.


Blog # 6: Junge-gruender.de [Gründerbasics]

Junge Gründer is an owner-run online magazine and helps you set up and run a company. The online magazine portrays extraordinary personalities, presents important tools and illuminates other aspects of the start-up scene that support founders on their way to becoming successful entrepreneurs.


Blog # 7: meinstartup.com [the start-up portal]

One of the most successful internet portals for business ideas, innovation, start-ups and self-employment in German-speaking countries.


Blog # 8: startupwissen.biz [Knowledge for founders, self-employed, entrepreneurs & startups]

Interesting blog for founders, self-employed, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs & statups on topics such as finance, management, marketing & PR, law, design, technology and more.


Blog # 9: foerderland.de [business magazine for decision-makers]

foerderland.de is Germany's most visited information and news portal for founders and entrepreneurs. foerderland.de provides up-to-date and informative reports on innovative start-ups, young companies, investors and general start-up events.


Blog # 10: autaak.de [DIGITAL BUSINESS]

Autaak's blog is about bootstrapping, business models and helpful tools for startups, founders and young entrepreneurs. Here you will find out, among other things, what you should pay attention to when financing yourself, how you can implement successful marketing without a large budget and which WordPress tools are indispensable for you as an entrepreneur.


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