PPC increases the SEO ranking

Does AdWords have a direct impact on the organic ranking?

We are often asked whether AdWords advertising can improve a website's organic ranking. There are no direct connection between AdWords and the indexing as well as the ranking of websites in the organic search results. In short, AdWords has no direct impact on SEO performance.

Pay-Per-Click should be viewed like any other online marketing measure: Paid advertising is a way of bringing additional qualified traffic to the website. That's why PPC can sometimes indirect influence have on the organic ranking. For example, a well-made branding campaign that increases awareness of a company or a new product can lead to articles being written about the company or its product. This in turn can lead to some new links, which can be beneficial for search engine optimization. Only this behavior influences the ranking, not the AdWords ad itself.

Faster indexing through AdWords?

In addition, it is rumored that AdWords advertising helps Google find a website faster. That is also wrong. The crawler that evaluates landing pages for PPC is separate from the crawler that indexes pages for the organic search results. Google published a video on this and a few other myths in 2014 and has not changed its mind since then:

Ultimately, the main advantage of AdWords and a good SEO strategy is that all search engine traffic is maximized. The aim is to increase your own visibility for relevant keywords in order to make the best possible use of the existing traffic potential. In both paid and unpaid search results. In summary, it can be said that an AdWords campaign benefits from a strong SEO presence and vice versa!