How do I install NS2 in Ubuntu

Since I recently wanted to take part in network simulation experiments, I need to use the NS2 network emulator on Ubuntu. I thought I just need download + install to be ok. Who knows there are a lot of thieves out there.

  1. Most of the problems mentioned are solved by changing easy () to this-> easy (). Since I read a lot of content at first, this was changed before the installation so this problem did not occur.
  2. In fact, the most troublesome thing is that you./install waited a few minutes and got the result that Ns make failed, which is due to the ambiguous hash in ns_2.35 / mdart / that made me blind Has. Go to Baidu most of the time, say the first problem and then change it to succeed, but Russia is not at all. Would you like to delete circularly-> ./ install? That day has passed and there is no result.

Eventually I had to go outside to find out that some people said this ns-2.35 was developed in 2011. At this point g ++ 4 was used. Compile errors with g ++ 6 and above, so gcc4.8 which runs from the command line is recommended

After completing the installation, enter the directory to be executed nc-allinone-2.35

This uses the gcc4 version to compile the relevant files (and gcc7 was originally installed so it will report an error). If it goes well, this is what you get

Of course, the path information to be filled in should be filled in according to your own configuration. In particular, it should be noted that the path must be restarted after configuration in order for it to take effect. If ns or nam prompts you to install without rebooting, please do not install it. Restart!

Like most tutorials, I installed several dependent modules first

To sum up a sentence: Use GCC4.8, G ++ 4.8. Hope to help you with the same problem.

Danger: Don't make any mistakes in your code, such as For example, gcc-4.8, do not enter gcc4.8

From morning until today. Based on previous experience, there will still be many problems with follow-up.

It is not easy to download the SourceForge installation package. Of course, you can use points. You can also click the link below

Free download ns-allinone-2.35, password: 3wfu