What is the French term for needs

Experienced French native speaker teacher with good knowledge of German in Berlin or via Zoom


I love teaching french and about french culture. I am very motivated and very patient. I know the difficulty of learning a new language because I have learned English, German and Italian myself (and will be participating in a language learning process my whole life). We take the time you need. I will do my best to help you in French in a positive atmosphere. We can work with you to make the learning process more motivating. If you don't really know what to study, that's not a problem. I can also guide you 100%. For example, let's start with a conversation and a few questions so that I can identify your difficulties and strengths. This way I can offer you a course tailored to your needs. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions

I adapt my classes to each individual. I know the French language can be a great challenge and I will do my best to tailor your learning experience to your likes and needs. My classes are personalized and I expect students to be active. Making mistakes is part of the learning process and the more you practice, the faster you will learn! With experience, I've found that working in real-life situations in the classroom and personal engagement make a difference. Last but not least, if you want to work on your accent, I am the right person for you!


Using modern teaching methods and providing structured lessons. I was born and raised in a small town in the north-west of France. As an adult, I lived in Paris for a few years to study before traveling the world for a few years. Today I am in Berlin, Germany. I was trained by the Alliance Française Foundation, known worldwide for the quality of their teaching in French since 1883.


Price for online lessons via webcam: € 20 / h
François offers the following types of classes:
Classes take place:
  • French
  • French - oral expression
  • French - reading comprehension
  • French - vocabulary
  • French - listening comprehension
  • Accent reduction in French