Which universities in Nigeria study aerospace engineering

Partner universities

The IUBH has maintained extensive Partnerships with universities in North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The range of foreign partner programs available to our students is therefore diverse.

All applications for studying at a foreign partner university go through the International Office of the IUBH. Students can find all the important information about the procedure and appointments on the IUBH (CARE) intranet, at a personal appointment or at one of the numerous information events held by the International Office.

Regardless of the university at which you study abroad, the Benefits and experiences for the students are always great:

  • Spending time abroad promotes international and intercultural understanding.
  • The students experience different academic approaches to teaching and study, develop an international network of friendships and contacts and deepen their language skills.
  • At the same time, time leads to a better understanding of one's own culture and offers the unique opportunity to experience distant countries up close.

So is studying abroad is a priceless and unique opportunity to grow academically as well as personally and professionally.

The colleagues in the International Office look forward to hearing from you. In certain cases, financial support for studying abroad is available through the ERASMUS + program possible.