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Georg wrote:Hello friends,
An ingenious teaching series by Hartwig Henkel (probably the best Bible teacher currently in our country) on the subject of "Basics of the Biblical Lifestyle" can be downloaded here for free:

I took a closer look at Hartig Henkel's website I don't know what your criteria are, but your assessment of Hatwig Henkel as "probably the best Bible teacher in our country at the moment" is inexplicable. Or I can only explain it to myself that unfortunately you haven't been able to enjoy a lot of really good teaching. But that's why you ended up here Here on this forum and in the online shop of the publisher to which the forum belongs, you can now get to know really good teaching.

Try the book "Chosen and One Made" by Tim Kelly ... macht.html

If you prefer to listen to sermons, you can download sermons from Tim Kelly's church website

If you prefer to be charismatic and read English, get Wayne Grudem, "Systematic Theology".

There's a lot to discover And soon you will wonder how you could ever consider the charismatic fast food that you are enjoying now to be good and biblical.

Now to Hartwig Henkel:

On his web site it says:

Welcome to our homepage!
We believe that the most exciting but also the most challenging days are imminent for the people who acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit is now at work in tremendous changes and ancient Bible promises to restore the church of Jesus to divine purity and authority will be fulfilled. The messages and information on this website are intended to help promote this process.

I want to be honest and stand by my prejudices: If I just read that, I want to throw up. It is the same stimulating hype language that has led the charisamtaiceh movement for decades. For you this is maybe all new now, but I ask how you will think in a few years. The exciting time of awakening was declared 20 years ago. Nothing happened. People's emotions were stimulated and everything was declared to be an effect of the mind. It was only human.

But let's go further: Hartwig Henkel has articles from the prophets Mike Bickle and Rick Joyner on his website

or reports / interviews such as:

The three keys to awakening
Interview with Stephen Hill, the evangelist in the Pensacola revival.

When it's worth the wait
Article about the Pensacola revival by Gerhard Bially, editor of “Charisma”.

As I said, I stand by my prejudices: if I read these names or events, my hatches go down. I don't take anyone who promotes these things or people seriously as a source of healthy, biblical teaching.

Still, I took a look at what Henkel wrote himself. And found my advantages confirmed.

For example the following remarks about the new apostles:

Thoughts on the coming apostolic service
From Hartwig Henkel

When we perceive the tremendous challenges of our society with its ever increasing resistance to the truth and hold fast to the Lord's commission for the church, that we are to bring people out of darkness into light, from the violence of Satan to God, we experience a great one Disillusionment.

Adding to this the internal state of the church, we find that there is a lot of confusion in many places, and there is often a terrifying ignorance or naivete about the simplest questions of leadership that paralyzes the building of a healthy church family. The realization grows stronger and stronger that the church needs a dramatic increase in its authority but also its order if it wants to survive, and even more if it really wants to fulfill its mission to be the light of the world.
If we look around and ask the Word of God where real qualitative changes for the church could come from, we soon discover that the church cannot really come into fullness and fulfill its commission without the ministry of the apostles.

And he gave some as apostles and others as prophets and others as evangelists and others as shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of service, for the edification of the body of Christ, until we all come to the unity of faith and society Knowledge of the Son of God, to full maturity, to full measure of the growth of the fullness of Christ. Eph 4.11-13

Anyone who thinks that the ministry of the apostles consisted only in laying a doctrinal foundation through the New Testament scriptures at the beginning of Christianity simply has a greatly reduced view of the apostles' mission. But if we understand that the apostles also have the mandate to establish and maintain a divine order in the body of Christ - and this is exactly what the Scriptures teach - then they are still necessary today. How is the current chaos in the church ever supposed to be sorted out, if not by people who have the Lord's plan for His church, who recognize the fortresses of the enemy within the people of God and have a strategy to eliminate them and, above all, also the divine authority to carry out the will of the Lord in the church?

So there should be apostles again who will experience and carry out God's plan for God's church. So I do not consider the arguments of complete cessationism to be very convincing, but I believe that various gifts and offices such as the apostleship have actually ceased. In any case, I don't want to have anything to do with these apostles.

But I want to get even more fundamental in my criticism:

Following Jesus, the Catholic Faith and the Ecumenical Unity Movement
by Hartwig Henkel

In this article I would like to explain why, in my opinion, following Jesus and remaining in the Catholic Church are mutually exclusive and why I am very critical of such events as "Together for Europe".

I do not know on what basis you, dear reader, answer this question for yourself. My approach is that of the reformers: Sola Scriptura! So, just the writing! If you disagree, you will most likely dismiss my arguments as inconclusive.

The basis of faith does not consist in any experience or personal opinions, not even in good fellowship with honorable, amiable or exemplary people, but in the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. As soon as one leaves this ground, one is at the mercy of the zeitgeist and will inevitably adapt to the world sooner or later.

There is a fundamental question that needs to be resolved. Everything depends on your answer.
What does it mean to be a Christian according to God's sight?

Every believer must carefully consider and answer this question. Clarity regarding the person of Jesus Christ and His will for his followers is an important protection against the seductive onslaught of darkness at this time.

For me, someone is a Christian who has reversed his basic attitude of self-determination and has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. God's answer to this repentance and surrender to His Son is the new birth through the Spirit of God. (Joh3,3-6) Anyone who is not born again through the Spirit of God is not part of the body of Christ, regardless of whether he is a member of a religious community and participates in its rituals such as baby sprinkling, confirmation or communion and worship.

After this step of recognizing the Savior and Redeemer the Lord expects His followers to accept His words. The following scriptures illustrate the fundamental importance of God's word to the believer:

In this article, Henkel refers to the Reformation and the principle of sola scriptura to show that Catholics are more likely not Christians because they have not accepted Jesus as Lord. In doing so, he is committed to the same semi-Pelagianism which the Reformers had the most violent criticism of Roman doctrine

Not that this is specifically charismatic. Here he only represents the same decision theology as most of the so-called evangelicals. There are also differences of opinion among the participants in this forum. For me, however, the doctrine that a person becomes a Christian through decision-making is a terrible heresy and a Bible teacher who represents it is not a Bible teacher.