What is the national language of Singapore

Language in Singapore

Language is an important cultural asset of every country. However, the language in Singapore is something very special. Due to the very long membership of the British Crown and due to the large number of immigrants, a language of its own has developed, which is commonly referred to as Singlish.

There are officially four official languages ​​in Singapore. These languages ​​are English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. The business language in Singapore is English and is spoken by almost all residents. Vacationers who speak English will find their way around Singapore very well. Alongside English, Chinese is the most widely spoken language in Singapore. Since most of the immigrants come from southern China, the rather indistinct and impure dialect Min Nan is unfortunately often spoken here. Reason enough for the city-state to launch a campaign calling on the population to speak standard Chinese. So the mandarin.

Singlish quirks

The Singlish mentioned in the introduction is a modification of English. Basically, this is already derived from the term. Complex sentence structures and grammar have been simplified. Verb conjugations are replaced by adverbs and some phrases from other languages, mainly Chinese, are simply added. Above all, the rather strange "lah" occurs very often. To get at least a small impression of the Singlish, here is a small example. More or less to smile about:
Singlish: “You wan‘ beer or not? No, lah drink five botol oreddi! In real English this should mean something like: “Do you want a beer? No, thanks, I have already drunk five bottles! ”Anyone who speaks English should understand what it means. However, this example makes it clear what is meant by “modification” of English and why the language is also called Singlish in Singapore.

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