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Cycling World Championships in Switzerland: Belgian Thibau Nys is world champion in the juniors

Thibau Nys won ahead of his Belgian compatriots Lennert Belmans and Emiel Verstrynge. They made the Belgian triple victory at the World Cup in Switzerland perfect.

"I don't know how to do my thing here," said a somewhat insecure and clearly nervous Thibau Nys in his last interview before the start.

As an absolute favorite, he watched his competitors during the first round and when everyone had more or less found their place on the grueling course, Nys showed what he had in his legs.

Just before the end of the second round, Nys also showed his tactical judgment. A little earlier than his competitors, Nys grabbed a clean bike. When Nys pressed the gas pedal harder, the rest of his colleagues had to change gear.

Nys was instantly in his element and left everyone else behind. In the Swiss mud - the course was really exhausting after last night's rain - Nys was less able to use his technique and explosiveness, but the heir to the throne of Sven Nys showed that he had enough strength in his legs.

A faultless Nys passed the stress test with vigor and thus fought for the junior world title, which his father never succeeded in doing. It was quite a boost for the Belgians after yesterday's disappointment at the World Cup.

Lennert Belmans and Emiel Verstrynge were very much in the shadow of Nys and took the Swiss Dario Lillo in the pincers. The silver and bronze medals were her more than justified reward. So the podium in Dübendorf remained purely Belgian.