Who created Google Easter eggs

At Easter we are looking for Easter Eggs online!

The countdown to Easter is on - the obligatory egg hunt is fun at any age. Instead of chocolate, we recommend the digital version: Google and Co. hide surprising functions on their websites, called Easter Eggs. Small handicap: You can usually only find Easter eggs if you know about them. And that's why TONIGHT.de has collected the coolest tips for online egg hunt for you:

Do a barrel roll

Simply enter “Do a barrel roll” (without quotation marks) on Google and the complete search results will turn once in a circle. It's not a particularly useful function, but the programmers must have enjoyed doing something different than usual. And we think it's really funny too!

Photo: Lisa Krumme

Blink html

If you enter “Blink html” into Google, all “Blink” s and “html” s will flash in the results. Wouldn't it be bad at all if the words you were looking for would always flash directly, then you could find them faster! Maybe Google is working on it with this Easter Egg and soon we will have this flash fun permanently.

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Zerg rush

This Easter egg is fun - it's a game! How do you get there? Googling “Zerg rush” and red and yellow “O” s come flying in. You have to shoot them with a click of the mouse, otherwise they will "eat" your search results.

Photo: Lisa Krumme

At the end you can also register for the high score. So go to Google and crack it! It's really pretty cool what Google has to offer that you don't even know about at first ...

Photo: Lisa Krumme

Use the force, Luke

Now an Easter Egg for all Star Wars fans: Type “Use the force, Luke” into the search window on Youtube and see for yourself - the force is with you ... when you move the mouse!

Photo: Lisa Krumme

Do the Harlem shake

It wasn't that long ago, at least at a later time, when a bit of alcohol had flowed, all the people at the parties went crazy for the track. Clothes ripped off and waved through the air, balanced on tables, chairs, sofas and tried to be the one who finds the coolest moves to shake Harlem. Youtube is still freaking out and playing the track again for you - with crazy visuals! Simply enter "Do the Harlem shake" in the search bar on YouTube and the party will start!

Photo: Lisa Krumme

Facebook smileys

Do you already know the shark smiley or the cute penguin? For the shark smiley (^^^) enter the text field on Facebook. You get the cute penguin if you type in <(“).

The Firefox Manifesto

Sure, many people now worship the Internet as much as it was previously only known from religious gods. The makers of Mozilla Firefox apparently also see this connection: If you enter “about: mozilla” in the address line of Firefox, you get the following manifesto, which is strongly based on the Bible or similar creeds ...

Photo: Lisa Krumme

The robot invarsion

Isn't that all a bit too technical - yes, almost robotic, just like the Internet and technology control us and our thoughts? Are we not totally controlled by others? And how do we know that it is actually people who cultivate the unmanageable field of the World Wide Web? All those who ask themselves such questions or have already asked are confirmed by Firefox when they enter "about: robots" in the address line of the browser. Because then the following appears:

Photo: Lisa Krumme

So have fun trying out all the crazy gimmicks that the programmers of the big internet companies come up with over and over again!