What did you enjoy being broke?


  • ↗overindebted ● (shortly) before bankruptcy stand variable · (deep) in the red (stuck) coll., Fig. · In the Miesen inf.
  • (financially) not in good shape ↗ poor · dependent on public support ↗ needy ↗ needy ↗ financially weak in need of help without funds needy without the bare minimum Precarious socially weak ↗ incompetent impoverished Poor
  • ↗Bankrupt · ↗Bankrupt · ↗Insolvency · ↗Bankrupt · ↗Bankrupt · ↗Ruin · ↗Payment suspension · ↗Inability to pay ● ↗Illiquidity techn. · ↗Pleite inf.
  • (the) money is gone · have no money · have no money in their pockets ● (there is) ebb in the cash register fig. · Have no (red) lighter in your pocket out of date, fig. · Not be fluid fig. · Where to take and not to steal!? coll., saying · Where do you get it if you don't steal it? coll., saying
  • klamm ● (someone is) low tide in the cash register fig. · Just do not have any money variable · (it) just do not have small inf., Ironic · on dry land inf., Expression · With someone financially (at the moment) things are not looking so rosy inf., Variable · in financial embarrassment · short of money ugs. · close to it.