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Iron Chef America is an American cooking show that insists on Fuji Television's Iron Chef, and is the second American adaptation of the series after the failed Iron Chef USA. The show was directed by Food Network, which also carried a dubbed version of the real Iron Chef. As the other program is called, the program is a culinary game show. In each episode, a new challenger chef enters a former cooking competition against one of the trusted "iron chefs".

The show is said to be the successor to the Iron Chef to be a remake. The focus is shown by actor and martial artist Mark Dacascos, who becomes Takeshi Kaga as the nephew of personal behavior. Commentary is provided by Alton Brown and Kevin Brauch. The music was written by composer Craig Marks who will be the late 2010 soundtrack titled "Iron Chef America & The Next Iron Chef". IK judge and hacked host Ted Allen made a specific comment for two different battles: Battle First Thanksgiving (Symon / Flay versus Cora / Morimoto) and Battle White House Produce (Batali / Lagasse versus Flay / Comerford).

Some of the introductory novels from the miniseries Battle of the Masters (and ignoring story elements from the Iron Cup Japan Cup Special 2002) have the kaga (the character) commanded his nephew, the tradition of Major Kitchen Stadium, in Los Angeles, where the battle took place the master heard before it became a permanent kitchen stadion in New York's Chelsea Market. For the battle of the masters and two years old: Hiroyuki Sakai and Masaharu Morimoto. In season 11, the show's fiction was performed around international iron chefs who became "like Johnny Appleseed" by the injured. In the first episode of this season, Iron Chef UK boss Judy Joo competed as Iron Chef on the US show against Iron Chef Guarnaschelli.

Unlike the particular Iron Cook or Iron Cook USA, Alton Brown becomes what is considered to be the host of the show.

In 2017, Iron Chef Showdown premiered as the Spiritual Successor to Iron Chef America with a revamped format and the necessary iron chefs Bobby Flay, Jose Garces, Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Symon, Iron Chef Gauntlet winner Stephanie Izard. On April 5, 2018, Food Network insists the return of Iron Chef America under its own name, owned by Jet Tila as soil reporter. Eisenkoch Bobby Flay is not seen any more realistically as he leads his final episodes during the showdown experience his exit from Eisenkoch leads hat.

The Iron Chefs

In this version of Eisenkoch, the iron chefs either were they have their personal relationships with the Food Network, are current and were part of their own iron chef, or have their position at The Next Iron Chef.

earned. Iron Cooks Winning Percentage Die An Iron Cook America Is Treated. The Win / Loss Data Trust on Entrant Performance As Iron Cook In Iron Cook America: The Series And The Clash Of Masters, Does Not Receive The Iron Cook Showdown Results.

Iron cook Seasons specialty Win loss draw total Win%
Mario Batali (in repairs) Parts list, 1 - 6 Italian 19 5 0 24 79,2%
Cat Cora (retired) 1 - 10 Greek / Mediterranean 21 12 1 34 63,2%
Bobby Flay (in repairs) Parts list, 1 - 12 Southwestern 43 16 2 61 72,1%
Marc Forgione 9 - Modern American 8 7 0 15 53,0%
Jose Garces 8 - Latin fusion 16 7 0 23 69,6%
Alex Guarnaschelli 11 - Modern American 7 4 0 11 63,6%
Stephanie Izard 13 - Modern American 2 0 0 2 100,0 %
Masaharu Morimoto Parts list, 1 - Japanese 26 17 1 44 60,2%
Wolfgang Puck (in the again) parts list California cuisine 1 0 0 1 100,0%
Michael Symon 5 - Mediterranean Sea 34 7 1 42 82,1%
Geoffrey Zakarian 10 - Modern American 9 5 0 14 64,3%


Every iron chef belongs to a political violation chef jacket, a simplified version of the iron chef's style-driven clothing, along with an apron and a hose calf choice for each battle. Those of the Battle of the Masters and the first six seasons of the show, the iron chefs lost modern denim chef's jackets with religious monochrome patches and decorations: Batalis jacket trimmings for war rot, Coras pink, Flays blue, Morimoto's white, Pucks green and Symons black. On the left shoulder of each jacket itself a flag depicting the chef's country of origin.

For some of the real seasons of the show, Iron Chef America designer and judge Marc Ecko created new jackets for the iron chefs received in the 2008 Thanksgiving Showdown episode. The jackets are for everyone cooking access and the rights for Symons jacket, which claims the black shirts that are used in his restaurant, Lola or the kimono styling for men and the colors for Morimoto's jacket, which suggest the costume he wore on the original iron chef . With the exception of Symon and Garces, the jackets have long, upturned sleeves. The colors must be according to the chef: Anthracite (Flay), black (Symon), light blue (Cora), silver with a red undershirt (Morimoto), white with a light brown border (Batali), white with a green border (Lagasse) for Battle White House rejection ), brown with a wide red border (Garces), gray with a white border (Forgione), gray with a black border (Zakarian) and black with a white border (Guarnaschelli). "Iron Chef" with the chef's last name is embroidered in the font of the show logo on the left guide of the jacket, like a chef's own coat. The jackets come with a large embroidered iron chef patch on the right arm, which also includes the chef's name, and an American flag on the left sleeve.


Eisenkoch America was launched as a special with the title Eisenkoch America: Battle for the master's leadership. In contrast to Eisenkoch USA, Eisenkoch America was quickly legitimized with the advancement of the iron chefs Hiroyuki Sakai and Masaharu Morimoto. (Chen Kenichi has joined the same trout-themed battle of the master leadership Sakai and Flay. There Sakai had two personal rights to belong: a war wrapped as a gift to know one the two of the American kitchen stadium, to the other trout ice cream war, a court that is located to take care of oneself and take care of the ice machine.Other battles in the Battle of the Masters were Morimoto vs. Batali, Morimoto vs. Wolfgang Puck, and a tag team fight between Morimoto and Flay fought against Sakai and Batali, and the battle for the Master War was commissioned.

The regular series will be filmed in New York, the Battle of the Masters in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Center Studios. This is another reason Puck belongs, and the Morimoto took his place. Must this season, cat Cora made her debut as an iron chef, heard "Battle Potato" and became the first female chef to hold this rank.

The second season of Iron Chef America was changed in July 2005. In this season, the first and second games were carried out in the own show: the first was on July 31, 2005 in recent years. This fall, unlike Eisenkoch, there is no overtime, no Alton Brown a rematch major hat. The third of the similar results, which is in season three, when Susur Lee challenged Bobby Flay in Battle Bacon.

As of November 2006, Australia's SBS, the holder of national rights to the personal iron chef program, aired Iron Chef America: The Battle of the Masters, replacing the program's correct incarnation. On December 9th, the first season of Iron Chef America was reviewed. The show ran until February 17, 2007, but the political right wing SBS's airing of Iron Chef America three weeks longer and less on February 3, 2007 returned to the same Iron Chef.

Beginning of season 8, Mario Batali was sold off from the show's sequel, being he heard in on-air promos for the show. Despite its appearance in the Emeril Lagasse versus Flay and White House Chef Cristeta Comerford's hat is not clear whether or not he will be decidedly helped to Iron Chef America. In an interview with Allen Salkin of Slashfood in July 2010, the Batali were thus taking his absence from the series due to travel conflicts with the show's summer schedule, and became responsible for the desire to get into 2-3 battles for season 9. In an interview with Der Atlantik in May 2012, Batali was even later told that he was rejecting the decision, from serious food critics to "skinny little guidelines" and other people about those whom he considered not credible enough to judge his cuisine.

After the 2014 season, the show expanded, but on July 25, 2017, Alton Brown tweeted and Food Network became a that Iron Chef America will become "Iron" as "Iron" to become Chef Chef Showdown "87> in the final quarter of 2017


Alton Brown dies who has chosen the iron chefs, the challenger chef is checked. The introductory sequence of Iron Chef is skipped in the Christmas shows and other specials The Challenger's Iron Chef Opponent, and from Season 3 the show goes back to the format of other predecessors, in which the Challenger Chef chooses the Iron Chef he will face. In reality, the match-ups in all three incarnations of the show will be foreseen well in advance, not having heard that the challengers will have no effect on the selection of other opponents.

An ingredient or group of relationships (referred to as the "secret ingredient (s)") is picked and cooking begins. Occasionally, the actual tasks include a "theme meal". Eg eggs, bacon, potatoes etc. become conscious and so the "secret ingredient" is breakfast. Just like with the personal iron chef, the "secret" ingredient is not really a secret. More of the competitors as well as the iron cook will receive a list of three to five people before the fight, one of whom will be the secret ingredient.

In contrast to Eisenkoch, where the cooks had 5 minutes to start their strategy for the fight, the revelation of the thematic ingredient should be 45 minutes before the start of the person concerned. This segment will not be shown on TV, and it is a distant legitimacy that the fight begins immediately after the secret ingredient is revealed. This practice was featured in an episode of Unwrapped.

described. The wish heralded the beginning of every battle with:

"Well, America, with an open heart and an empty stomach, I sage you with the words of my uncle: 'Allez kitchen!'
"The injured person has the right" Allez cuisine "! The French phrase that calls iron chefs to a culinary battle."

- Alton Brown (Flay v. Tsai)

"Allez-Küche!" (Lose as well as "Go cook!" Or "Cook!"). Be the phrase that battles in personal relationship series.

At Iron Chef America, both the challenger and the iron chef have 60 minutes to have less than five years to belong to another. As of season 11 (2012–13), the first course is heard 20 minutes after the start for the judges to be heard. This must be an ingredient. Every chef must be the product in a person.

After the first commercial break, Brown usually caused Kevin custom that judges located. In general, Kevin pays homage to the origins of the program, compensating Konban Wa adds (Japanese for "good evening") to his original series introduction, each of the judges participates in the ongoing commentary, any Brown or custom they visits cautiously hand in the fight to comment on their ongoing comments Get action and get to the secret ingredient. As the cooking lesson progresses, Brown can also use more information on the thematic ingredient relationship and visibility aid if needed.

The rights are tasted by the indigent and a jury of three judges, two of whom are professional food critics (a personal to the right iron chef who had to judge a particular food critic). Like the real iron chef, each chef can receive up to 20 points from each judge. Consists of ten people for the taste, five for the description and five for the originality. Kevin Brauch explains the rules before judging. The chef with the participating will become the winner. If there is a tie, it remains the bottom line, unlike Iron Chef, where an overtime match was immediately given with a new thematic ingredient. If the overtime fight is also part of a tie, the bottom line will be. From season 11 (2012–13) several ten points are available per judge: up to five points for the first court presentation and up to five points for using the "culinary curveball". The scoring for the first court will be announced shortly after the judges have presented and tasted the rights, and the total score is the winner's verdict and revelation.

Iron Chef America is affiliated with another culinary institution, the other being Iron Chef, which has been affiliated with Hattori Nutrition College. Chefs also bring their own sous cooks. Like an iron cook, each cook can have two sous-cooks. In tag team or one-to-one battles, both chefs bring a sous chef on one side. On the first iron cook, an extended period of time had two cooks without sous-chefs, a certain number of two cooks and one sous-chef per side. The sous-chefs responsible for the iron chefs are:

In the numbers for The Iron Cook, all Sous Cooks for the Iron Cook as well as for the challenger to a specific contact of the competition are heard informally. Sous cooks led under iron cooks, under that of the iron cook under whom they heard.

It is passed that the rules in Iron Cook America program the Iron Cook less than the program. Some challengers have a preference in choosing the subject ingredients interests. At Eisenkoch, the food of the iron cook was always tried a second time, at Eisenkoch Amerika the head chef, his food is tasted before the show is by tossing a coin

As the tasting and evaluation take more than 45 minutes to be the head chef means warming up, as was allowed at Iron Chef.

Some of the secrets of how the show is going is heard in an episode of Unwrapped entitled "Food Network Unwrapped 2". It was found that the cooks about 15 minutes before the start of the rejection was the secret ingredient since the following sequence is repeated many times. It is just the control of this sequence in which the words "Allez-Küche!" are said and the battle begun. In addition, at the end of the hour-long fight, the cooks have to prepare four plates of each of their five dishes for the judges and the chairman. This is started 45 minutes after the end of the behavior and before the tasting. You die as part of the competition and it is temporal but it is not lost or passed on to the audience. The plates. A day of trust will become a reality for two different battles, one starting at around 10 a.m. and the second at around 4 p.m. A Food Network crew has around 90 minutes between each show to clean the set and sit on the second show.

Cooks provides the business buying lists for each of the personal secret relationships. As a result, she can guess what the secret ingredient will be, shortly before it is rejected, checks are carried out to determine which ones will be heard.

Special battles

ICA relationship problems Thematic battles, generally vacation time rights. The first took place on November 12, 2006. In another 90-part episode of Eisenkoch Amerika, two people from the Food Network were guests, Giada De Laurentiis and Rachael Ray, from whom they received formal training as non-cooks, Bobby Flay and Mario Batali. This is the first part of the episode of appearances, even if it is a head-to-head fight, the loss it is is that it is a tag team fight with each of the women dying are with the iron chef who trained them. The secret ingredient for the special was cranberries. The course of the hour and the announcement segments and the overall exhibition had a feeling of feeling as regular ICA episodes. On both sides of the kitchen there were lots of jokes and good-natured ribs, such as Batalis heard to "bribe" the judges with cranberry bellini cocktails. The battle was won by iron chef Batali and guest chef Ray.

A second special holiday episode premiered on Sunday, November 25th, 2007. This special, titled Iron Chef America: All Star Holiday Dessert Battle, paired with Iron Chef Cat Cora and the Food Network's popular personality Paula Deen versus other Food Network chefs Tyler Florence and Robert Irvine with sugar as a secret ingredient. If this special had to have a personal length of 60 minutes, that was the tone of the responsible ICA special rights, with a lot of "gossip" and teasing among the four cooks. Iron chef Cora and the team at Guest Chef Deen Guidelines emerged victorious.

On October 26th, 2008 there was a Halloween fight between iron chef Michael Symon and the next iron chef, Chris Cosentino. The thematic ingredient was offal (organ meat, pork trotters, coxcombs, etc.), an ingredient with which each of the cooks powers become known.Dreaming Igor and the Monster from the Broadway production of Young Frankenstein stopped and helped showcase the secret ingredient. The victory with an iron chef Symon.

On November 16, 2008, a 90-right "Thanksgiving Showdown" premiered. The secret goods were goods, the first on the first Thanksgiving Day: duck, lobster, turkey, venison, leek and walnuts. This fight marked the first time in the history of the ICA that the iron cooks against the rats. The team of Bobby Flay and Michael Symon fight against Cat Cora and Masaharu Morimoto. There were two soil reporters for this special: regular soil reporter Kevin Brauch Resources via Flay and Symon, ICA Judge Ted Allen rights via Cora and Morimoto Resources. Markteo at the beginning of the episode to include the new Eisenkoch jackets distinction and the design process. Iron chefs Flay and Symon besiege the iron chefs Cora and Morimoto by one point.

First Lady Michelle Obama's Kitchen Garden at the White House was featured in a new special episode on January 3, 2010. In the episode "The Battle for the Super Chef", Iron Chef Mario Batali and Super Chef Emeril Lagasse faced Iron Watching Chef Bobby Flay and White House Chef Cristeta Comerford in a fight in which cooks an American meal with the owners of the White House garden as secret ingredient too lively. First Lady Michelle Obama had a property of her own, a certain number of the White House cooks and one who proclaimed the secret ingredient. This battle was also the first war that was not responsible for the war outside the kitchen stadium. This is the reason why the battle with the "Allez-Küche" guide at the beginning! This battle war also became the first to be acknowledged with an award: $ 25,000 was donated to City Meals, a better organization in New York that tastes Meals on Wheels on behalf of the winning team. Iron Chef Flay and Chef Comerford besieged Iron Chefs Batali and Lagasse.

On January 2, 2011, "Battle Deep Freeze" was determined. The show consists of iron chef Michael Symon and chef Anne Burrell versus iron chef Cat Cora and chef Robert Irvine. There was no formal secret ingredient, just the "freezing" theme. The cooks heard 5 rights with everyone having a frozen relationship on the following five topics: fruits and vegetables, meat, relationships, seafood, and alcohol. The acts of propriety in ice carvings that are accentuated by ice carvings.

Greatest moments

On November 16, 2008, the Food Network preceded its ICA special "Thanksgiving Showdown" with a semi-standing retrospective of the 10 best ICA moments. In the program, which relates to every moment, differentiates itself from its own voice, who has the right rights, the iron cooks, the living fish, the big ones, the ice cream machine and the unorthodox cooking methods. The introduction is followed by a clip of each moment through the one with the iron chefs and the ICA judge.

number title battle Interests moment
1 It lives! Cobia Mario Batali v. Jamie Oliver Sous Chef Gennaro Contaldo's distraction antics
2 Sugar Smack Sugar Cat Cora / Paula Deen v. Tyler Florence / Robert Irvine Paula Deen's Verbal Warfare
3 The bird is the word garlic Mario Batali v. Chris Cosentino Chef Cosentino has brains and claws.
4 Better food through science Beets Masaharu Morimoto v. Homaro Cantu In a good one, the restrained restaurateurs take on the fight.
5 Trout in the machine Trout Bobby Flay v. Hiroyuki Sakai That made trout ice cream
6 Edible art asparagus Masaharu Morimoto versus Michael Symon Morimoto's "stained glass" sushi
7 I listened to the clock and received the clock Scallops Masaharu Morimoto v Roberto Donna Donna cannot finish his five years.
8 The wheel burns Parmigiano Reggiano Mario Batali v. Andrew Carmellini Batalis parmesan bowl helps with flaming grappa
9 Smokin 'hot Chile Masaharu Morimoto v. Tim Love Morimoto leads with another ingredient: a jalapeño chili.
10 Size matters Moose Bobby Flay v. Kent and Kevin Rathbun The chefs are against that and are the secret ingredient of all time.

Production details

Kitchen stadium

Iron Chef America's version of the kitchen stadium is located in Chelsea Market in New York City and looks more modern than Iron Chef's. Some of the appliances in the kitchen are in reality. The same as six hotplates, an infrared grill, blast chillers, convection ovens, deep fryers, cutting boards, one thing different electrical appliances such as mixers and kitchen machines as well as pantries. The two kitchens in the kitchen stadium are in saffron with the regulation of rights and pantry related to food safety in the US. Challengers can also bring their own rights into their sections; Most notably, the postmodern chef Homaro Cantu has a class 4 laser, liquid stream, and an inkjet printer using edible inks and paper for his own rights. One of the better rectangle devices in the kitchen is the ice cream maker (which belongs to commentators as the Ice Cream Maker of Fate), which is used to understand and abstract when chef is trying to take a dessert class to make the ingredient of the subject.

On the commentator's station, Alton Brown stands in front of two large monitors that feed him camera angles from two sides of the kitchen stadium. To keep on wanting to keep his laptop open to get on a controlled grocery database and to disconnect on what you need an earphone allows him to get information from the culinary access, the information information received by two culinary spotters on the floor. The station sees itself much more than and on the same level as the cooking stations that Alton Brown can ask himself with the same short and steady questions. Alton Brown has funded comments on the kitchen stadium as an "orbiting space station" or "underwater facility". Brown hat the kitchen stadium also "kitchen stadium number one, two, etc." called until number seven from Battle Eggs.

In the running part of the stadium there is a smaller area that belongs to the studio audience, mostly consisting of those of the chefs. The audience never sees the names of the first two employees or shows them on camera unless there is another guest in the audience. Starting with season 3, the show reorientates itself and its predecessors, giving a little more attention to the audience when someone is in on the challenger's challenge or special guests are heard. The audience now hears the chefs applauding as they too are being challenged by the public.

Despite the status of the Kitchen Stadium America in the first season, problems arise. In her battle with Mario Batali, Chef Anita Lo struggled to get her burners hot enough to cook her food. Mario Batali side of the kitchen to own his flock, which Batali happily agrees to. In two battles they had technical problems with the ice machine. Same hat in America's kitchen stadium has no serious associated hat, some individuals have performed cuts through knife slide.

In the background: Iron Chef America Special, Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, aversion to the modern look of the American Kitchen Stadium. Sakai must have the kitchen as "cold".

Subtitles and dubbing

Morimoto speaks English with a heavy contact accent, and when he speaks Japanese when he has his rights. Consequently, his voice is heard dubbed by Joe Cipriano. A veteran broadcaster and radio personality from Los Angeles, Cipriano also heard the voice for Hiroyuki Sakai in the Battle of the Masters. If his voice is out of sync, subtitles can be provided to help viewers understand what Morimoto is saying. In the episode Battle Eggs, Takashi Yagihashi had subtitles when the screen showed who he was challenging (Michael Symon).

Companion shows


Iron Chef America's Countdown premiered in 2012. Each half-hour episode contains a five-moment countdown on a topic from the television series. The show uses clips from Iron Chef America, as well as comments from people who attended the featured moments.

The Next Iron Chef

In 2007, a competition was held to find out who under eight chefs would become the next iron chef. The show lasted six episodes and walked attendees through a series of eight culinary challenges held in the United States, France, and Germany. Contestants were eliminated by a jury at the end of each episode until the final two chefs returned to the US to compete at the Kitchen Stadium. The final battle consisted of swordfish as a secret ingredient and was judged by Iron Chefs Flay, Cora and Morimoto. Chef Michael Symon was declared the winner of the competition and then moved to Iron Chef America.

In a second season of The Next Iron Chef from October 2009 ten chefs competed against each other to get the title Iron Chef. This season ran for eight episodes while I, the contestants, participated in the Exercise and Culinary Rights in the US and Japan. Contestants were eliminated at the end of each episode up to the finals of a jury in which chefs Jehangir Mehta and Jose Garces in the US were to be found in the kitchen stadium. The final battle consisted of various racks and ribs (pork, buffalo and beef) as a secret ingredient and was owned by the jury along with Iron Chefs Flay, Morimoto and Symon. Chef Jose Garces became the competition winner and joined Iron Chef America as the newest Iron Chef. Garces made his debut on January 17, 2010 as Iron Chef against Seattle chefs Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi in the Battle Hawaiian Moi, when Iron Chef Garces emerged victorious. Jose Garces recognize the first direct rights in season 9 (see list of episodes).

Food Network will have its third season of The Next Iron Chef in October 2010. The competition was held in Los Angeles before moving to Las Vegas. The final battle took place in the kitchen stadium between chefs Marco Canora and Marc Forgione, traditional traditional Thanksgiving proteins like turkey, lobster and venison were the secret ingredient. Chef Marc Forgione was named the third season winner of "The Next Iron Chef" on November 21, 2010. His first fight took place on November 28, 2010, against Chef RJ Cooper in Washington.

In October 2011, a specific season of The Next Iron Chef premiered with super chefs like Alex Guarnaschelli, Anne Burrell, Robert Irvine. among other. The battle on December 18 at the Kitchen Stadium consisted of Geoffrey Zakarian and Elizabeth Falkner. Zakarian self-assured and was named the winner. His first fight was put on December 25, 2011, in which he also performed as the second chef influenced a slight total of 60 at Iron Chef America.

The November 2012 correct season of The Next Iron Chef included 8 chefs who had relationships and the show and 2 newcomers. In the final battle, Alex Guarnaschelli became Amanda Friday, becoming the second female iron cook as well as the first woman to enter the competition. She gave up her own as Iron Chef on December 30, 2012 against Judy Joo of Iron Chef UK. Iron cook Joo judged the next iron cook's own squadron, in which Guarnaschelli had started and lost. Iron chef Guarnaschelli was deliberately chosen as the winner.

Iron Chef Gauntlet

2017 was a reboot of Iron Chef and Iron Chef America will and from

which also shows the income of the series. In this fight, seven chefs from across the country compete against each other in an elimination competition. The final point in time the chef faces the challenge of belonging to three other iron chefs in order to earn the title of iron chef. So far there have been two possible ones with one winner, Chef Stephanie Izard.


Cover for the Wii version of Iron Chef America: Supreme Kitchen

An Iron Chef America content, titled Iron Chef America: Supreme Kitchen, was developed by Black Lantern Studios for the Wii and Nintendo DS and developed by Destineer. Both changed on November 6, 2008, they belong to their own, relate, relate on September 23, 2008, they are distorted.

The game North "A series of fast-paced and intensified culinary rights" and "The voice output" and "Mark Dacascos", "The commentator" Alton Brown "and" Iron Chefs "Mario Batali," Masaharu Morimoto "and" Cat Cora "which the players must or be able to play. The Wii version of the game received moderately to slightly unfavorable ratings, with a certain control of 42% that was metacritical by the aggregator for critical points. The DS version of the game got the correct results with another value of 62% lost.



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