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Bunz of German girls

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If ProSieben only had the first episode of the new comedy series The little man sent, there would now be extravagant praise for the original plot and the funny dialogues. Bjarne Maiden, known as Ernie from Stromberg, plays the electronics salesman Rüdiger Bunz, who plays in a commercial and thus becomes something similar to prominent, which immediately goes to his head even more than the schnapps he is promoting. From the off, because no series can do without an off-narrator (you know that from so-called books), he says sentences like:

Our relationship has lasted longer than the Third Reich. And it's mostly funnier too.

And in the electronics store, diagnoses like this one, which the old boss makes of a vacuum cleaner in need of repair, while looking at its owner, a pensioner:

Is just old. And old is shit.

Unfortunately, ProSieben has also sent the second episode, which already largely gets by without punchlines, but contains more extraneous moments on how to get them out Stromberg knows. Kilometers over the mountain you can see the embarrassment coming, and when they are there, they exactly coincide with the bad idea you just had of it.

The makers themselves are very convinced of their product. In several interviews, leading actor Mädel and author Ralf Husmann compared their series with His fieldwhich is roughly as presumptuous as comparing a secondary school physics teacher with Albert Einstein or we comparing our small leisure website with the feature section of the New York Times.

But at least I can recommend the first episode tonight.

The little man, today at 10:45 p.m. on ProSieben.

Michael, March 24th 2009, 00:58.