You can buy sulfuric acid

Where to get acid. sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid - oily, heavy liquid substance that has no color and odor. This is a powerful oxidizer that interacts with many metals. A dilute compound also reacts with all metals that are in a voltage line to the left of hydrogen, but no oxidative properties.

Use of use.

  • In industry: in mining, for the production of fertilizers, various chemical fibers, dyes and chemical mixtures.
  • In lead batteries it plays the role of the electrolyte.
  • In the food industry it is used as an E513 emulsifier.
  • Chemical firms are obtained with the help of titanium dioxide, ethyl alcohol and other substances.

In the companies you can buy technical sulfuric acid wholesale. The connection is transported by rail or stored with the car and in stainless steel tanks. The tanks will be placed in the room where the acid-proof tile or brick will be placed on the floor, a canopy or roof on top to prevent precipitation. The substance is very hygroscopic and can absorb moisture from the air, so it is important that the packaging is hermetically sealed there. Shelf life - 1 month from the date of manufacture.

When working with this connection, safety measures should be followed in a special suit with gas masks, protective shoes and gloves. This is a corrosive chemical that if in contact with mucous membranes, leather and the airways causes chemical burns, difficulty breathing and coughing. Permissible content of the compound in the air of the work room 1 mg / m? and 0.1 mg / m? In the atmosphere (per day). When in contact with water, a large amount of smoke and heat differs. The substance is not explosive.

Sulfuric acid is a substance that belongs to strong biaxial acids. Chemical formula sulfuric acid - H 2 SO 4. Pure sulfuric acid - colorless greasy liquid. The density is 1.84 g / cm 3. The melting point is -10.4 degrees Celsius. Chemical properties This substance contributed to its widespread use in industry.

Remember the sulfuric acid equation

The equations of sulfuric acid that describe its production are based on the absorption of sulfur oxide (VI) with water. Sulfur oxide (VI) SO 3 is the highest sulfur oxide with high chemical activity. The interaction of this substance with water leads to the appearance of sulfuric acid. This process is accompanied by the release of great heat.

Sulfuric acid can be obtained from mineral pyrite, for example. It is one of industrial methods to get this substance. It is described by the following equations:

  • 4FE 2 + 11O 2 \ u003d 2FE 2 O 3 + 8SO 2
  • 2SO 2 + O 2 \ u003d 2SO 3
  • So 3 + h 2 o \ u003d h 2 so 4

In this method, vanadium oxide (V) is used as a catalyst and when oxidizing SO 2 to SO 3. In addition, substances with catalysts for this reaction are oxides of iron and platinum. In industry, however, they are not used to consider rationality. So platinum is too expensive metal. And iron oxide for the manifestation of catalytic properties should be heated to a temperature of 625 degrees Celsius. Its use would add additional complications to the process.

Technical sulfuric acid is a mixture, actually sulfuric acid and water. The mechanism of oxidation of metals with sulfuric acid depends on its concentration. So if the acid is very dilute, it will oxidize the hydrogen ion. An example of such a reaction is below:

  • Zn + H 2 SO 4 \ u003d ZNSO 4 + H 2

In this case, only those metals are oxidized, the activity of which exceeds the activity of hydrogen. When the concentration of the acid is high, the oxidation proceeds through the sulfur. Such an acid reacts with silver as well as with metals that are located in a voltage line below this element. The end products depend on the activity of the metal and the reaction conditions. When the metal is low in activity, the acid is restored to sulfur oxide (IV):

  • Cu + 2h 2 SO 4 \ u003d CUSO 4 + SO 2 + 2H 2 O

Other active metals can release either sulfur or hydrogen sulfide:

  • 3Zn + 4h 2 SO 4 \ u003d 3ZNSO 4 + S + 4H 2 O
  • 4Zn + 5h 2 SO 4 \ u003d 4ZNSO 4 + H 2 S + 4H 2 O

If you are interested in getting sulfuric acid the easiest way is to do it in the store. Since in the production of IT in the conditions of the home laboratory, it is not possible to count on the reception of a party, the volume of which is suitable for practical application.

Not all substances and reagents are in free retail today. One of those inaccessible items is sulfuric acid. In this article, consider what it is associated with and where it is possible to buy it in Russian cities.

Sulfuric Acid - This ... Transportation, Storage

Interested in the place where you can buy the first, we remind you about the properties of this dangerous substance for a person. Sulfuric acid is a variety of strong biaxial acids, its formula-H 2 SO 4. In Russia, this mixture of sulfur trioxide with water is made according to Ghostas 667-73, 2184-77, 4240-77. The production of this heavy, oil-free liquid, which has no color or smell, implies some of its varieties that differ in their purity and concentration.

Sulfuric acid has the following important properties:

  • The specific gravity is 1.85 g / cm 3 (in perfect 100% sulfuric acid - 1.92 g / cm 3; but such a substance has a significant minus freezing at -10 degrees on the Celsius scale).
  • Boiling point - +296.5 ° Celsius, crystallization point - + 10.45 ° Celsius.
  • With a concentration of up to 70% in the process of heating and boiling a given acid, only water vapors will be highlighted. With a higher content of H 2 SO 4, the air also contains harmful acid potential.
  • Explosion and flammable substance. When contacting water, a stormy reaction should be feared, as it gives, as a result of which gases, couples, warmth are distinguished. After all, when working with sulfuric acid, you need to have special clothing, shoes, a single chemical protection.

Deliver to the end user with sulfuric acid, both by road and rail transport. Special sulfuric acid tanks are used to move (for technical sulfuric acid) or acid-resistant tanks (for improved H 2 SO 4).

When it is stored, it is necessary to remember that sulfuric acid is a poisonous substance that relates to the second class of hazards. Maximum safe concentration of vapor H 2 SO 4 - 1 mg / m 3. Before deciding where to buy sulfuric acid (technically), you need to purchase a special container for storage. It is also placed in the production rooms

Sulfuric acid use.

The main consumers of sulfuric acid are metallurgical plants, chemical industries. It is used for:

  • purification of petroleum products from sulfur inclusions;
  • decomposition of ore;
  • removal of scale in front of galvanized wire, metal sheets;
  • nickelovation, metal chrome;
  • (concentrated solution in organic synthesis);
  • fertilizer production (this industry consumes about half of the sulfuric acid produced in the country);
  • manufacture of artificial fiber;
  • manufacture of ethyl alcohol;
  • manufacture of aniline dye.

Individuals interested in buying sulfuric acid mainly use it as an electrolyte for

Where do you buy sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid is not generally sold in pharmacies. A private individual can purchase his non-concentrated solution (30-35%) in stores that implement auto parts and auto chemicals. Further concentrated solutions are precursors that are not legitimately sold by individuality.

Before knowing where to buy sulfuric acid, let's give advice from people who have made such an acquisition.

So it is important to consider the following:

  1. In rare cases, the large volume of this fabric is sold in rare cases - buying it should gradually be from different suppliers.
  2. If the acquisition is impossible, you can try to evaporate H 2 SO 4 from the electrolyte. The maximum density is no more than 1.4 g / cm 3. The evaporation takes place in a porcelain container on a sand or plaster bath. In no case can this process not produce in space.
  3. Remember that the sale of sulfuric acid is under control because this substance is used to make medicines, as well as homemade explosives. Even if you acquire it for innocent experiments or fill up the autocumulator in fairly large quantities, it can cause unnecessary suspicion.

Where to buy sulfuric acid in Moscow

In the capital, you can buy sulfuric acid in:

  • "Himmeda";
  • "Sigma-Tech";
  • online shop ZAO "HIMSERVIS";
  • Llc "component reagent";
  • Llc "odikim";
  • mega-erh llc (technical, rechargeable, chemically clean) - the company does not work with private dealers.

Selling sulfuric acid in cities of Russia

Where to buy sulfuric acid in other Russian cities consider in a pivot table.

Volgograd"Reagent"Chemically clean.
Ekaterinburg"Service Steel"Technically, gost 2184-2013
Irkutk."KP" Crocus "Technical, canister 35 l
KazanNpf "alpha"Rechargeable
Krasnodar.Npf "NITPO"Rechargeable, technical
Kursk."Kurskhimprom"HF, improved
Nizhny Novgorod"Chemix"Wholesale: regenerated, technical, hf, rechargeable
Nizhny Novgorod"Trading house" PROFHEIM "Technical sulfuric acid
Novosibirsk.Llc late.Technical acid in the stocks 10 l
Novosibirsk."Vikeim Siberia"Gost 2184-77.
St. Petersburg"Capitalalkhim Industry"Wholesale and retail. delivery
Simferopol."HimregionsNab"Chemically clean.
Ulan-ude."HIMPROM"Rechargeable, 36 l
Cheboksary."Ideal group"GOST 4204-77.
Chelyabinsk"Technochemistry"Technically pure in the stocks 18 l

Where do you buy concentrated sulfuric acid? "Sick" question to a private person. Free sale in most cities. Only 30-35% apargetable solutions.

In our country, many small and large companies, on the Internet, you can find a website for chemistry that sell reagents. However, you can often only order a sufficient number of batches, for example solid and bulk chemicals. Can be sold from one kilogram and acids in liter bottles. It is clear to conduct entertaining chemical experiments for children, such volumes are not necessary. So let's try to figure out where to take chemical reagents chemical experiments. House conditions. The safest way is to ask for chemistry in the school office. Here the purity of the reagent is observed and in the end it is 100% confident that this is sodium hydroxide and not calcium hydroxide. However, this method is not suitable for everyone, so we will understand each other even further.

Where do you get metals?

  • Aluminum. The source of this metal in everyday life is old aluminum spoons and plates, aluminum wire
  • Aluminum powder is a silver color that is sold in commercial stores.
  • Copper-copper wire is extracted from wires or from the windings of transformers.
  • Lead, in the form of properly loaded, easy to buy in a fishing shop.
  • Tin in the form of a solder for soldering radio carriers. There it is sold in the form of alloy, but for home use of the percentage of tin in the solder it is enough.
  • Magnesium can be taken, which causes the magnesium anode (heating element) for the water heater to roll. In the Soviet era In an inexhaustible source of magnesium served pallets Carter Car-Zaporozhets.
  • Chrome can be laid out from the old metal bumper. The resulting chips are pretty clean and good for experiences.
  • Tungsten is contained in the filaments of incandescent lamps.
  • Cerium is "silicon" for lighters, the one that sparkles from friction.

Attention! On the internet we met the sources to extract some metals such as: B. zinc, lithium, disassembled batteries. Do not try to do this yourself and in no case do not let it be children or you risk getting a chemical burn.

Where to get sour

  • Sulfuric acid in the form of a 25-30% solution for batteries ("acid electrolyte") is purchased in auto stores. Pure sulfuric acid is impossible to buy.
  • Orthophoric acid is sold in radiostatic stores called "soldering flux".
  • Acetic acid is a common table vinegar that you can find in every grocery store.
  • Boric acid sold free in a pharmacy
  • Lemonic acid is known to every hostess, buy it in the supermarket.
  • Nitric acid 45% sometimes falls on the radio rollers.
  • Oxalic acid. They keep the way to the economic store.

Where should I get the foundation?

  • Sodium hydroxide called caustic soda, caustic caustic soda is sold in radio photo or housewares stores.
  • Calcium hydroxide is a Hawed lime sold in Hozmag.
  • Ammonia solution in water is amazing alcohol. Sold in the pharmacy, the truth is gradually turning into a rarity.

Where there is salt

  • Sodium hypochlorite is a "whites" tool that is sold in commercial stores.
  • Ammonia Selith, she is an ammonium nitrate, looks for in stores for Dellens and Hozmagas.
  • Barium nitrate is the coating used on bengal candles.
  • Silver nitrate, it's Lyapis, can sometimes be found in pharmacies. It is necessary to choose pharmacies for the post offices, even with old stocks.
  • Sodium chloride is a sodium salt.
  • Potassium chloride is sold in stores for summer residents and gardeners as a fertilizer.
  • Ammonium chloride is ammonia. Do not confuse it with ammonia alcohol! Summer coal is an aqueous solution of ammonium hydroxide solution.
  • Cobalt chloride - can be bought in tablets. Sold as medicine for ruminants in some veterinary pharmacies
  • Calcium chloride is sold in ampoules for injections in a pharmacy.
  • Potassium iodide is part of the funds against iodine deficiency, but in this case it is necessary to read the composition of the drug. Acquire in a pharmacy.
  • Potassium sulfate - fertilizer, sold in Hozmagas.
  • Copper Sulphate or Copper Sipop Looking into Hozmag.
  • Magnesium sulfate or magnesia (Epsom salt) is sold in a pharmacy as a laxative or in Hozmagas as a fertilizer.
  • Ammonium sulfate - fertilizer in Hozmag.
  • Barium Sulphate, Bary Sulphate We buy in a pharmacy.
  • Calcium sulfate \ u003d gypsum.
  • Ironsulfate (II) (II) (Iron Vigor) is sold in the household goods store.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate - Food Soda.
  • Sodium carbonate - calcined or liming soda. Used as a cleaning agent.
  • Calcium carbonate is a normal chalk or marble.
  • Lead Acetate - Guardrails sold in a pharmacy.
  • Solikat sodium - liquid glass, letter paper silicate glue.
  • Potassium silicate is the same. Sold in stationery stores.
  • Calia Bromid is sold in pharmacies called "Adonis Brom".

Where to get other chemical reagents

  • Hydrogen peroxide can be bought in a pharmacy, or in the form of a solution, or in the form of hydroperite tablets.
  • Calcium oxide is an overtime lime for which you have to go economically.
  • Acetone - we'll buy in the next Hozmag. We need acetone technically.
  • Sulfur - Sold in Khozmagach and stores for gardeners in the form of lumps either in bags. In sulfur sacks, it's much more expensive for crazy, but much cleaner at the same time. "Sere colloid" is generally unsuitable for our purposes because it has too many impurities. And better and cheaper to put sulfur food in PET products, it's usually perfectly clean.
  • Toluene - sold in Khozmagach as a solvent 646. Distillation is necessary because this is a multicomponent solvent with a toluene content of around 50%.
  • Glycerin - sold freely in a pharmacy.
  • Phenolphthalein in tablets is sold in a pharmacy under the title Purgen.
  • Lacmus paper is sometimes sold in pet stores.
  • Urootropin is a dry fuel sold in hozmagas and tracts for tourists.
  • Chromium oxide can be bought in the paint color.
  • Indigo carmine - food coloring blue, in food departments.
  • Glucose - sold freely in pharmacies.

Let's summarize a resume. Most of the necessary reagents can be purchased either from a pharmacy or from summer resident stores.

Reagents from the garden garden shop and Hozmagi

  • ammonium sulfate,
  • zinc sulfate,
  • iron sulfate,
  • copper sulfate,
  • magnesium sulfate,
  • manganese sulfate,
  • potassium sulfate,
  • ammonium nitrate
  • potassium nitrate
  • nitrate-magnesium.
  • monocalphosphate,
  • sodium tetrabates,
  • boric acid (crystalline),
  • sorrelic acid (crystalline),
  • urea,
  • succinic acid,
  • sulfur.

Chemistry is one of the most important areas of natural science, and one of its main substances, without this science being inconceivable, is sulfuric acid. It takes place in practically every chemical process. Put simply, sulfuric acid is the queen of chemistry.

You will need

  • Rechargeable electrolyte, glass jar, pan, motor oil, electric stove.


  • In industry it is obtained by dissolving the sulfur anhydride (sulfur trioxide) in water. And to get anhydride, formed sulfur dioxide, for example, after burning sulphide ores, or by a direct process (sulfur combustion in oxygen), oxidize to a sulfur anhydride at a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius on platinum catalysts, vanadium oxide and these like. However, what a concentrated sulfuric acid would get with handicrafts, it is not necessary to resort to the tricks described above. In the automotive shop we buy a battery electrolyte, we take an ordinary glass jar and pour it there, then we take a pan, pour the engine oil into it (it will shut down completely and train) and put a bank there. Then all this place on the electric stove.
  • Thus the water evaporation of the electrolyte takes place. The cunning oil bath lies in the fact that the boiling point of the oil is slightly higher than the boiling point of the water, and thus the water rolls out quietly, and the oil does not boil and the glass can remain a whole because it is heated evenly throughout the area . Even hot concentrated sulfuric acid does not interact with glass, so the amount of impurities in it is minimal. The procedure can be carried out in the temperature range from 100 to 300 degrees, but it is better not to exceed the boiling point of the oil. Continue the process until the water has surfaced. In principle, the enrichment of sulfuric acid can be made in a good metal container, but after this acid is heavily contaminated with impurities and has a dark color, and besides, there is a possibility that indicates the capacity of the process to flow.