When is bad language acceptable?

Acceptable for new hires to bring up bad security practices or "go with the flow"? [Duplicate]


In a perfect world, people would consider ideas based on their merit, not the source's references, and people would be happy to be informed that they made a bad decision to correct them and commit the same mistake in the future avoid.

But in a perfect world everyone would be honest, nobody would try to steal your information or use it maliciously, we wouldn't need passwords and we wouldn't discuss this.

In real life, most of the time someone who started the company a few weeks ago gets very little respect. You haven't proven yourself yet. You could be the smartest person in the room, but nobody knows. And so the folks who have been there for a while and have proven themselves are unlikely to take criticism from you very well.

Of course not always. But often.

If I were you I would start with that. Gain some respect by doing quality work. Work that doesn't say someone else's work was bad. Then when you get established you will have enough respect that people will be willing to listen if you politely say that a previous decision was a bad idea.