Should Egypt become a constitutional monarchy


The word monarchy is a Greek word.
It means 'sole rule'.

In a monarchy there is a ruler
or a ruler.
That means one person has the power.
She is called a monarch or monarch.

This person is for example
a king or a queen.
The king or the queen
often get power through the family.

When the king or queen is too old to rule
or if he or she dies
the son or daughter becomes king or queen.

Many royal families were or are
many hundreds of years in power.

There used to be many monarchies.
There were kings, queens, princes, emperors or pharaohs.
That was the name of the kings in Egypt.

Many monarchs could determine everything on their own.
This form of monarchy is called
'Absolute Monarchy'.

Today there are still many monarchs.
But they often have little power.
They live in states
in which there are parliaments and governments.

One example is the Queen of Great Britain
The English word for "Queen" is "Queen".
That's why she is only called the Queen.
Many years ago her ancestors ruled Great Britain.

Today the Queen can't do any important
make political decisions alone.
She signs laws and
welcomes guests of the state from abroad.
It represents its state externally.
Just like the Federal President in Germany.

This form of monarchy is called
'parliamentary monarchy'.

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