What does mother tongue mean

mother tongue

The mother tongue is the first language a child understands and speaks a little later. It learns the mother tongue without any lessons, from the family and the environment. Because the adults talk to the child, they read stories to him or speak while they play with him. Children also learn the language by listening to the radio or watching TV.

The expression mother tongue is used almost all over the world. In the Latin language it is called "Lingua materna" and literally means "language of the mother". The mother tongue is also called the first language. There are many different languages ​​in the world and each of them can be a mother tongue. Some children grow up with two or more mother tongues. This can be because the mother and father do not come from the same country. And maybe there is a nanny who speaks another language.

Older people can no longer learn a new language just like a mother tongue by listening to them. You have to actively learn it, much like math in school. All of these languages ​​used to be called foreign languages. Today one speaks more of a second and third language. It is much easier if you come to a country where the new language is spoken as a small child.

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