What's your love story with your mother

Mother daughter sayings - beautiful sayings for daughter and mother love

Are you looking for a gift idea for Mother's Day? Are you looking for mother-daughter sayings, maybe you want to write your mother a letter? Here you will find inspiring quotes and life wisdom that are timeless.

Maybe you quarreled with your mother and you are wondering how you can contribute to reconciliation?

Or do you miss her because she lives far away and you want to let her know how much she means to you?

Inspirational mother-daughter sayings help you to express your feelings and to complete the birthday present or the present for Mother’s Day.

Ideally, the bond between mothers and daughters is very special and characterized by unconditional love.

Didn't you have to find out several times that your mother is the first person to help you when things get tough?

Your mother is the first person you care about and when the going gets tough, she still is.

Now you will or are already a mom yourself and you are beginning to understand what kind of love your mother binds to you. Now is a good time to let her know.

In any case, it is worth celebrating the special bond and I present you the most beautiful mother-daughter quotes, proverbs, aphorisms, poems and other ideas that you can find and that make all mother's hearts beat faster.

Funny sayings

It's your mother's birthday or you want to add mother-daughter sayings to your Mother's Day gift that will make her laugh?

Are you used to exchanging jokes or new funny Facebook pictures every day?

Leave Whatsapp aside and look for a nice card. If you can't find a suitable one in the store, you can print one out from the web or, even better, make it yourself.

1. “Do you remember when going to bed was a punishment? How stupid we were! "

2. “The best mothers get promoted at some point. To the very best grandma. "

3. "Good mothers have dusty shelves, dirty windows, full laundry baskets, but more importantly - happy children."

4. "A superhero without a cape is called mom."

5. “A mom doesn't ask about the meaning of life. She watches him sleep in the evening. "

6. “To my daughter, who loves to argue with me: How do you think you have your stubbornness? Give up love I have decades of experience. "

7. “Well done mom. I turned out great. "

8. "If you have a super mom, everything in life is fine."

9. "Bring the manure heap home - we'll clean it up together."

10. “The monkey is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother.”

11. "A mother who gives advice to her daughter before the wedding acts just as sensibly as if she bathed a goldfish."

Inspirational news and wisdom

Perhaps your mother is going through a stressful or difficult phase in her life? Do you have difficulties at work, with friends or maybe also in your marriage?

Have you always been close and are you the first to find out about their problems?

Or would you like it to be like that? Then go up to her and seek conversation.

Mother and daughter sayings can be used to get a good start.

Show her with your attention how much she means to you and that she can always count on you. Here you will find comforting sayings and wisdom as inspiration.

1. "The day you are born is the only blind date on which you can be sure that you will meet the love of your life."

2. "What you loved as a child remains in your heart's possession into old age." - Khalil Gibran

3. “I don't have millions in my account, but I have priceless treasures” - my children.

4. "What you do not pass on is lost." - Rabindranath, Indian poet

5. "Telling a mother not to worry about her children all the time is like telling the water not to be wet."

6. "If you have a what for in life, you can endure every how."

7. "Mother and daughter are never separated, no matter how many kilometers are between them."

8. “Nobody will ever understand how much I love you. After all, you heard my heartbeat inside me. "

9. “A mom always thinks about her children. No matter how old they are. She loves them in a way that children only understand when they later have children themselves. "

10. “Family is like a tree. The branches may grow in different directions. But the roots hold everything together. "

11. “To my children: If you need me, just let me know. It doesn't matter if I'm sleeping, angry at you guys, or having problems of my own. Let me know and I will always be there for you. No matter how small or big your problems are. I am here for you and will help you. "

12. “A mother's prayer is that her children will love each other long after they are no more.”

13. "I'm definitely not perfect, but when I look at my children, I know that I did something perfect in my life."

14. “A message from a mother: I gave birth to you, but you came without guidance. All I know is that I loved you before I saw you. I know I made mistakes that I feel sorry for, but I did the best I could. Everything I've done for you, I've done for love. You are my child, my life, my dreams for tomorrow. I will always love you and there is nothing that can destroy it. "

15. "Happiness is ... a mother-daughter moment."

16. “The time that I thought I would give my child was in truth the most beautiful time that was given to me.”

17. "I wish that you believe in yourself as much as I do."

18. “Mothers hold their children's hands for a while and their hearts forever.”

19. "Behind every happy child there is a great mother."

20. “A person's most beautiful mirror is their children.”

21. “Your birthday is the happiest day of my life.”

22. "The only thing nicer to have you as mom - to have you as my child's grandma."

23. “In a nutshell, be honest - mom, you are wonderful.”

24. “There is a little person who makes my world a very special place. My daughter!"

25. “A mom can replace a lot, but no one can replace a mom.”

26. “Being your mother was so much more chaotic than I thought. I've made so many more mistakes than I thought I was, but I've never been more proud of what I've done in my entire life. You taught me what it means to really love. "

27. “Yes, I gave you life. But you me too. "

28. "Motherhood is a love story that never ends."

29. “Love between mother and daughter is forever.”

30. "Because we cannot call angels without wings, we call them mothers."

31. “Love the mother's heart while it is still beating; is it broken; then it will be too late."

32. “Daughter, noun. One of the most beautiful gifts in the whole world. A friend, a sweetheart and all the pride. A person you love infinitely. It may grow out of your lap, but never out of the heart. "

33. “My love is yours. As long as I live you will be my child. "

34. "Mom, there are so many, small, loving, sparkling, precious, touching, unique, happy traces of you in my heart."

35. “You're never too old or too cool to listen to your mom.”

36. “Mothers, you are only daughters yourself. Remember! ”- Unknown

37. "Mothers sometimes tread paths that angels fear to tread."

38. "Every daughter has a mother, not every mother has a daughter."

39. “You have no more important ally in this world than your mother.”

40. “The origin of human love is the mother.”

Proverbs are the best pictures in language

Proverbs are short sentences based on long experience. They express life wisdom in a concise and short form.

In this wonderful place of language, social rules of life are graphically depicted.

I picked out German as well as foreign proverbs for you.

Here you can see how important motherhood is in all cultures, no matter how different they are.

Proverbs from Germany

1. "Mother's love never ages."

2. “No love about motherly love.”

3. “The best wet nurse does not replace a mother.”

4. “Mothers carry their children through the morning; Children should carry their mothers through the evening. "

5. "Without a mother, children and bees are equally lost."

6. "A happy mother is more instructive to children than a hundred textbooks on parenting."

7. “One mother reaches more than a hundred teachers.” - Jewish proverb

8. “A mother also understands what a child does not say.” - Jewish proverb

9. “A mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters.”

10. “Faithfulness to the mother is new every day.”

11. “No matter how poor a mother is, she gives her child warmth.”

Proverbs from abroad

1. "Look at the mother and you will understand the daughter." - From Japan

2. “Heaven is at mother's feet.” - From Persia

3. “The mother's love for her children is a bridge to all good: in life and in eternity.” - From Turkey

4. “Every river flows to its mother.” - From Jamaica

5. “Even a king is only his mother's child.” - From India

6. “Mother! Mother! Whoever has them calls them; if you don't have it, you want it. " - From Italy

7. “A mother has an ointment for every wound.” - From Mongolia

8. “The daughter of a good mother becomes the mother of a good daughter.” - From China

9. "When a mother cries, even God doubles." - From Greece

10. “The mother's heart cannot lie.” - From Holland

11. “Of all perfumes, the mother's scent is the most beautiful.” - From Greece

12. “A mother loves her weakest child most.” - From Sweden

Deep Thought Sayings Quotes

The following quotes from influential personalities and from ancient sources are also suitable for birthday wishes and congratulations.

Here I have listed the feelings and thoughts of writers, educators and educators, theologians, philosophers, naturalists, politicians and artists.

Here you can find out why the mother is the absolute favorite. Maybe there is an author among them that your mother already knows?

Perhaps a quote arouses your curiosity in such a way that you want to learn more about the person and their work?

1. “No matter how often a person goes astray, he cannot miss the way back to the mother's heart." - Anton Wildgans (1881-1932), Austrian lawyer and writer

2. “One wishes this, the other that; but a mother always wants love. " - Maxim Gorky (1868-1936), Russian writer

3. “What force can be more influential and stimulating than maternal love - the gentlest and at the same time the most fearless force in the whole natural order?” - Jeremias Gotthelf (1797-1854), Swiss pastor and writer

4. “Mother's love is warm, even the iciest snow does nothing to her. I had always heard that a mother understands everything, understands everything, believes everything, hopes, tolerates and does not seek what she is, had heard that a mother is love embodied. " - Felicitas Rose (1862-1938), German writer

5. “To be a mother means to hear small breaths and light heartbeats, to be sharp-eyed like an animal of the forest for all dangers, to be courageous in silence like no loud man in arms, to create with all the blood that has been given to grow beyond oneself all abilities of waking, starving, loving and acting, but above all taking care of. To be a mother means to be happy in worries. " - Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), French philosopher

6. “Mother's love, you are called the highest of life! So everyone, no matter how quickly they die, still gets their best! " - Friedrich Hebbel (1813-1863), German playwright and poet

7. "Mother's love is a passion that has its own violence and grandeur, its exaggerations and even its sensuality." -Carmen Sylva (1843-1916), German writer and poet, Queen Elisabeth of Romania

8. “Oh, how difficult is it to be separated from the heart that loves us most faithfully in the world, from the mother's heart!” - Julie Burow (1806-1868), German writer

9. “Only a mother knows what to love and to be happy means.” - Adelbert von Chamisso (1781-1838) Franco-German poet and naturalist

10. “A mother's love is not shared between children, it is multiplied.” - Christian Schubart (1739 - 1791), German musician and poet

11. “Nothing on earth is as sweet as a mother to a child. Yes, children, love your mother! Life does not bring you love as good as this. " - Euripides (480-407 BC), Greek poet

12. “The mother is the genius of the child.” - Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), German philosopher

13. “Oh mother, you don't know how much I need you; no wisdom that can be taught on earth can give us what a word and a look from our mother gives us… ”- Wilhelm Raabe (1831 - 1910), German writer

14. “But everyone has to pay dearly for a stepmother, even if she is a good one.” - Lucius Seneca (approx. 4 BC - 65 AD), Roman writer, politician, philosopher and naturalist

15. “The mother's eye fathoms the child down to the depths of the heart.” - Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746 - 1827), Swiss educator

16. “A mother should be very concerned about what becomes of herself! If their growth in wisdom and culture is stunted, so will their children's growth. Parents should be exempt from all demands on the part of their adult children. So it is with the birds and animals of the forest - only human mothers are never safe from the demands of their children until they sink into the grave, exhausted and completely drained. But they should be free, as free as they were when they were girls ... ”- Prentice Mulford (1834 - 1891), American journalist and educator

17. "My mom had a lot of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it." - Mark Twain (1835-1910), American writer

18. “The mother's heart is the most beautiful and most inalienable place of the son, even if he already has gray hair. And everyone in the whole universe has only one heart like that. " - Adalbert Stifter (1805 - 1868), Austrian writer and painter

19. “The loving mother teaches her child to walk. She is just so far away from him that she can no longer hold it. She stretches out her arms; her face is encouraging. The child is constantly striving for refuge in Mommy's arms, without even suspecting that at the same time it is proving that it can do without her. " - Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855), Danish philosopher, theologian and writer

20. “A mother's heart is of unfathomable depth, on the bottom of which there is always forgiveness.” - Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850), French philosopher and writer

21. “Double the bread you give your mother and carry her as she carried you.” - Wisdom of Anii, ancient Egyptian book of wisdom, around 1350 BC Chr.

22nd“If the human breast is allowed to call itself God's temple, the most holy place is then the mother's heart.” - Karl Richter (1837-1904), German writer and educator

23. “Paradise is under the shadow of swords and under the feet of mothers.” - Mohammed (around 570-632)

24. “The way to a mother's heart is through love for her child.” - Helga Schäferling (born 1957), German social worker

25. “The mental state of the mother shapes the future of her children.” - Anita Ludwig (born 1964), psychotherapist

26. “Probably only a mother is able to feel the misfortune of her child like her own, to suffer it to the core.” -Carl Peter Fröhling (born 1933), German specialist in German

27. “A grandmother in the house - a treasure in the house.” - Babylonian Talmud

28. “A mother's heart is a child's classroom.” - Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887), American clergyman

29. “Because God did not want to do everything alone, He created mothers.” - Book of Kaboos

30. “Mother is the word for God on the lips and in the hearts of young children.” - William Thackeray (1811-1863), English writer

31. “No temple is more beautiful than your own mother.” - From the Tamils

32. “The mother's position is the highest in the world, because as a mother one learns and practices the greatest unselfishness. Only the love of God is greater than the love of a mother. " - Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), Indian activist

Some poems

Here I have selected six poems that express in beautiful verse what it means to be a mother.

If you feel like Annette von Droste-Hülshoff describes it in the fifth poem here, namely that you lack the words to describe what you feel for the most, then these poems will definitely help you.

If you're looking for beautiful or upscale words of gratitude, you've come to the right place.

Maybe you can come up with an art print for one of the poems? It is best to use a larger format than DIN A4.

1. Mother now has her worries ...

"Father leaves early in the morning,
on to work as usual.
Mother now has her worries
therefore follow her word!

She has to cook, wash, mend,
sewing, cleaning, knitting for you:
her tireless hands
diligently create without end. "


2. To the mother

“… But now to you, only mother.
I am with you so often with my thoughts.
I am learning to understand you more and more.
I suspect you.
When my thoughts are with you
then it is as if my little one
restless man clinging to something solid,
Unshakable holds on.
But the best thing is that these celebrations
Unshakable has such a big heart.
Thank you, dear mother,
that you kept yourself with us.
Let yourself be hugged very calmly and for a long time. "

Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876-1907), German painter

3. ***

"Thank you, mother, for life,
for the love that belongs to us
thank you, mother, for giving,
for your being on this earth ’.
Could we hold you forever
always in this world
you would make it so beautiful
that no shadow falls on them.
Let us also thank the Lord God
simply that there are mothers
no one will waver in life
when a mother loves him. "


4. ***

“To be a mother is to believe
in children's happiness.
To be a mother means to hope
even in the event of a mishap.
To be a mother means to love
faithful in joys and sorrows.
To be a mother means to work
happy and helpful. "


5. To my mother

“I would have loved to have made a beautiful song
of your love, of your faithful way;
the gift that always watches for others,
I would have loved to wake you up at your price.

But like me, more and more,
and whatever I liked to put the rhymes,
the tides of the heart surged over it,
The gentle waves of the song destroyed me.

So accept the simple, simple gift
borne by simply unadorned words,
and take my whole soul in it:
Where you feel the most
you don't know much to say.

Now dear May is in the country
he moved in with flowers,
and these flowers that I found
I'll bring you, mothers!
The flower needs the sunshine
otherwise it will soon perish ’,
and I, I need my mother:
God keep you safe!

Just as the little flower is grateful
for every ray of sunshine,
so thanks you for the love your child:
God reward you a thousand times! "

Annette von Droste-Hülshoff (1797-1848), German poet

6. mother

"If you still have a mother -
then take hold of this happiness with both hands.
Give her all your love that you can -
happiness will never end then.
She will always be in your heart -
give you warmth like sunshine. "

Karin Obendorfer (born 1945), poet

Final thoughts

Whether your mother's birthday is coming up, Mother's Day is coming up, another special occasion is just around the corner, or you just want to let your mother know what she means to you, you will find inspiration in this post.

I've rummaged for you and made a large selection of various mother-daughter sayings, quotes, messages, proverbs and some poems on the subject.

You are welcome to combine, seal, paint, draw, print. Visual statements are particularly popular these days.

Have fun!

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