Why don't men get compliments?

Compliments from men: what they really mean by what they say

Hand on heart: Don't you really enjoy receiving compliments from your loved one? But flattery from men is rare and sometimes you wonder whether you really mean it or not.We can reassure you, because very few gentlemen throw around nice sentences during the get-to-know phase - without really finding you great. Unless he's a fuckboy and only wants one thing and that is hot hours between the sheets with you. In fact, there can be misunderstandings in communication when compliments are sent via virtual messages. After all, we don't see the expression on his face or hear his tone of voice. Not to mention the uncertainty as to whether the hearts and smileys he sends are really meant like that. However, if he tells you certain things personally when dating, you can listen to your gut feeling and assess it better. However, sometimes you still have to read between the lines. Maybe he wants something serious with you after all.Whether you're in a relationship or just dating someone, we'll tell you what they really mean when they flatter you with these words.

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1. "You are so cute"

With this sentence he could also have said "sweet". After all, "cute" is your pet. Because actually he just wants to imply that he loves you just as you are. With all your quirks and also in a sloppy hoodie with sweatpants. So if that's not a declaration of love, we don't know what to do next. 💕

2. "I love you"

Admittedly, many of our women simply cannot interpret some of the statements made by men - and this sentence is one of them! Because it could have come from a good friend as well, which is probably why it has such a chummy aftertaste. He just wants to tell you that he can always rely on you. But if he doesn't hint at touching or flirting with you afterwards, you should listen to your gut feeling: He just wants to be friends with you, but has no romantic feelings for you.

3. "I've never met a woman like you"

If he says that to you after the third date, you can be sure: the guy likes you. This statement can also be translated indirectly as "You are something very special". But beware! You shouldn't take this sentence too seriously if he's only looking at your breasts. Because this could be a sign that he just wants to get you to bed.

4. "I think of you"

If he writes you in the beginning of the dating that he is thinking of you, then you can assume that he finds you particularly attractive and wants to tell you with this statement that he would like to be around you. However, if you are already in a relationship and he wrote or said something like "I don't want a relationship at the moment" out of nowhere a few weeks ago, then you can let the alarm bells ring. Because in male language this can also mean “I just miss the sex with you” in a very typical way. In that case, you can be pretty sure that he's a fuckboy who you shouldn't trust under any circumstances and who should quickly disappear into your ex's drawer. This phenomenon is about men who are not interested in a committed relationship, but only want to have sex. In most cases they even have several affairs at the same time, just playing games with each of these women.

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5. "You look good"

We melt away at this compliment! Translated it means something like: "I like more than just your appearance. I like your personality. I like you as a person." In short: you have everything that he expects from his dream woman. By the way: These words come from the heart and it certainly took a lot of effort to tell you exactly these. So feel flattered and please give him a compliment in return! 😍

6. "You drive me crazy"

If your loved one looks you deep in the eye with these words, it is definitely not empty phrases, but means that he thinks you are absolutely hot and can no longer think clearly around you - and of course wants to disappear into the bedroom with you. This is a passionate statement and a clear indication of his irrepressible lust, which promises hot sex.

7. "We are happy to have breakfast with your parents on Sunday"

Sorry, but this sentence is unfortunately only said by most of the gentlemen. Translated it means something like: "I very much hope to be kidnapped by aliens before I have to have breakfast with your parents." Because at the latest when Sunday is approaching, he will come around the corner with white lies and then try to avoid the meeting. But you can't really blame your sweetheart for this reaction, because honestly, you probably wouldn't want to meet his family either ...

8. "Let's stay home today"

Honestly, we actually know that if your partner would rather stay in your own four walls with you, that's a clear code for: "I definitely want to have sex today!" So if you're in the same mood for him, how about an evening full of "Netflix and Chill"? 😏

9. "It was nice"

A two in the certificate is also nice. But is the grade very good or excellent? If you get a WhatsApp message from him after the first date together, in which he writes that it was only "nice", then he indirectly means that unfortunately he is not into you, that you didn’t really blow him away and he did doesn't want to get to know you any further. If you were really his type of woman, he would have made more effort and written you a longer sentence with hints of a second meeting. It's all a matter of proper communication. So that there is no misunderstanding, you can also ask for another date. If you then come across an excuse as an answer, his decision is pretty clear.

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10. "You give the best advice!"

This compliment sounds far from sexy, but when your partner tells you you give the best advice, they mean it. Of course, every woman prefers to hear from her boyfriend that she looks great or is sexy, but especially if the relationship is to last a long time, things like good communication are much more important. This is the perfect basis for an open partnership that can withstand one or the other dispute.

How do I know that he is serious?

Especially in the early days of dating, we are often unsure about his true feelings and affection. After all, we don't yet know his habits and ways very well. We can only decipher these after a few months or even after several years. Even then, we keep learning new things and are amazed at some of the properties. There are differences in communication between the lords of creation and us women. While men sometimes contact us with brief answers, we attach great importance to detailed formulations - both in text messages and when speaking. Just because their statements are shorter doesn't always mean they are not interested. Of course, it also depends on the topic. When it comes to love and future plans, you should of course make an effort and get rid of a little more. Quite often, however, they are stressed because of work and have little time. In this case it is quite understandable when men do not admire and comment on the picture of our manicure via Whatsapp in extensive sentences.

What you can tell, however, that he doesn't mean it, is when his answers are tight again and again and he doesn't pay any attention to you at meetings or at home. If you argue more often, the conflicts escalate quickly and he only wants sex afterwards, this is another indication that he is not interested in a long-term partnership, but rather only in a little physical closeness. In such a case, try to have a conversation with him and solve problems. Even if it is a bad feeling, it is better if he admits on his own that he no longer feels for you or can no longer be with you. This way you can both get out of an unhealthy relationship faster without having to continue lying to each other.

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