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Have you always wanted to get the most out of an image, cut videos with impressive effects and be able to create a professional website in no time at all? Then try out Lecturio Software now! With our online courses such as the CSS tutorial, the PHP tutorial, the HTML tutorial or the Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials, you can become a master in Photoshop, Joomla, CSS and other software tools and programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčregardless of time and place. Fixed appointments and the laborious search for on-site training courses are a thing of the past with Lecturio. With us you will learn step by step all the basics you need to master the software of your choice. Experienced practitioners will tell you their tricks and tips and turn you into a software professional.

Don't be afraid of complicated processes and functions within the software: You can watch our video tutorials as often as you want and thus adapt them to your individual learning pace. You always have the hot line to the lecturers and can exchange ideas with other users.

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Image and video editing software: Learn Photoshop and Premiere online

With professionally edited pictures and videos you can inspire at meetings, achieve viral effects in social networks or create a good atmosphere at private parties. In our software courses on Photoshop and Premiere you will learn the necessary know-how and, with the tricks of the professionals, you will become a master of image and video editing yourself!

Website creation software: Learn Wordpress and HTML online

Your own, professionally created website is the key to be noticed on the net - with your products, your content or your blog. Learn the tricks of professional web design with our software courses on the content management system Wordpress and the markup language HTML and inspire your target group online!