What is the use of tree set

Product description

Who is spatial design

Raumgestalt wants to oppose the loud and fast of our daily environment and creates space for simplicity and clarity. They create their own world and convince themselves through their materials, properties, shape and manufacture. The company is located in the southern Black Forest, in a 300 year old Black Forest house at an altitude of almost 1000 meters. Here they design, produce and sell well-formed things for use and understanding.

Used wood

Wood is a lively, very emotional material that has shaped many cultures in the past. For most people, objects made of wood have a very personal meaning. Its structure, surface and grain are always different. Raumgestalt values ​​these natural features of the material and consciously includes them in the design of the pure forms. Wood is a high-quality, renewable raw material, and handling it responsibly is very important to them. Raumgestalt mainly uses oak and maple, both of which are native woods!


Raumgestalt works with companies from the region whenever possible. Bernau and the Black Forest are famous far beyond their national borders for their traditional craftsmanship. She has enjoyed years of trusting and creative collaboration with her local manufactories.

Concept of home work

Raumgestalt's objects are versatile and certain objects are fragmented. Correspondingly many hands are needed to join them together. And because they are in the country, there are plenty of such helpful hands. Working from home looks very different: Schoolchildren assemble cards and use them to optimize their pocket money. Young family mothers fill breaks and evenings with sewing and folds to supplement the children's budget. Retirees glue, hammer, eyelets and do manual work again. Everyone is needed and exactly how and when they can.


When they find the competence and quality they want on their doorstep, they prefer it. If possible, they work with companies from their region. Bernau makes it easy: It has always been an area rich in tradition for high-quality wood processing. They have stainless steel products manufactured in the Sauerland and the porcelain is made in Thuringia. What cannot be Made in Germany comes from neighboring Europe: Your glass objects are produced in Poland and the Czech Republic.