What are the best documentaries on hacking

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The five best films and documentaries about biohacking

The German series questions what happens when normal people are confronted with things that (surprise, surprise) are bigger than they are. Contemporary genre mix with ambition!

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Self-optimization: with botox, micro-dosing and sport to the perfect you? (Documentary)

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The TV report format "Rabiat" from the Y collective gets to the bottom of the claim that Germans can never go high enough, fast enough and far enough. Be it at work or at the kitchen table at home. The starting point is the question of how much ambition and discipline are necessary to whip your own performance to breathtaking heights. Real performance junkies are accompanied: a long-distance runner, a micro-doser, a biohacker and a botox couple do the honors. In the documentary, even the reporter Alexander Tieg jazzed himself up to his own top performance and tried to achieve a new level of performance with 8-week intensive training.

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No limit

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The feature film "Without Limit" is based on a scenario in which we can push our full potential by taking mind-expanding drugs. These use our full memory, strengthen our perception and make us smarter than everyone else. The dependency seems preprogrammed. The same is true of the unsuccessful book author Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), who simply cannot finish his current book. When he tried the drug NZT-48, he suddenly mutated into a super brain. He writes his work to the end in a hurry and even demonstrates his new skills on the stock exchange. In addition to some (involuntarily) humorous excursions, the film gives us one message above all: Stay away from drugs! Because, of course, every high is followed by an even deeper fall.

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Modern Spirituality: The Dream of the Optimized Self (Documentary)

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Because more and more people are desperately asking themselves how they can optimize their self, more and more answers are found in spirituality. Nicole Walk also made her way out of a life crisis after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In addition to hobbies and her job, she drew strength and energy primarily from life coaching sessions. One of these life coaches is Laura Malina Seiler, she lectures and gives life tips in large halls. The "treatment" of the audience works through workshops and podcasts. However, these séances still have a bland aftertaste: this micro-society tries almost obsessively to pitch a deeper meaning in life.

Here is the documentation.

Unnatural selection (documentary series)

Available on Netflix

Why not fiddle around with your genes a bit? Why not wipe out diseases? The new Netflix documentary series "Unnatural Selection" reveals the possibilities and limits of effective genetic manipulation against cancer, AIDS and various hereditary diseases. The documentary is terrifying and at the same time informs about the progress in genetics. Here a field of tension is illustrated that always fluctuates between high hopes and fears and thus underlines the great responsibility in dealing with the new technologies. At some point your jaw drops down. But there were other things that you would really like not to have known.

Here is the documentary series.


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