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Myths about SCHUFA

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides for various information obligations. Usually you will at Inquiries or the transmission of contract data already informed about the data exchange with SCHUFA and the associated data processing as part of the data collection by our contractual partners.

For this purpose, SCHUFA has provided the contractual partner to use the following information:

  • the so-called SCHUFA notice, with which the contractual partner informs you about the transfer of personal data to SCHUFA.
  • a complementary SCHUFA information sheet, which contains a comprehensive description of data processing at SCHUFA and thus supplements the SCHUFA notice. The SCHUFA information sheet enables you to have an overview of the data processing by SCHUFA in its entirety.

The SCHUFA information sheet provides the information required under Art. 14 GDPR about the SCHUFA procedure (the information sheet can also be viewed online at https://www.schufa.de/de/datenschutz-dsgvo/). If there are information obligations beyond the procedure described, you will be informed directly by SCHUFA.

Open claims are usually only reported to SCHUFA if they have been warned twice beforehand and the claims are undisputed. The person concerned is therefore informed in advance of the impending transmission of information to SCHUFA. In the case of titled claims, the person concerned is informed as a party to the proceedings.

As part of a Contacting SCHUFA via an online form or when visiting our website you will receive comprehensive information about the collection, processing and use of the transmitted data by SCHUFA. The link to the data protection information according to Art. 13 GDPR is transparently integrated into the footer of the SCHUFA website (www.schufa.de/de/datenschutz/).

* Section 31, Paragraph 2, Sentence 1 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) specifies further requirements on which the SCHUFA is based for the admissibility of the transmission of outstanding claims.