Doesn't unfollow Instagram by itself

First of all, a few questions for you: Do you use Instagram? If so, how often? Which accounts are you following? And perhaps the most important question: Have you ever felt bad about an Instagram post?

Recently my dear colleague Valerie posted a graphic that made me think, which I would like to share with you at this point. By the way, Valerie is also a person who you should definitely follow here on Instagram. She is not only a very valued blogger colleague (click here for the blog), but also gives good and very valuable tips on the subject of self-love and mindfulness on her Instagram channel. She has made me think so often and inspired me with her lovingly written texts. But back to the graphic that I would like to give you for the Easter holidays.

These three simple rules got me thinking. I clearly spend a lot (too much?) Of time on Instagram. Professionally, but also privately. If I open this app in the morning right after getting up, it initially has nothing to do with the job. Often I scroll through the pictures for minutes and let myself be sprinkled. Notice how I don't even pay attention to the captions of most accounts, although I actually love reading soooo and still devour long, detailed blog posts every day. There are of course these exceptions, such as Valerie. Here it is important to me to read every caption to the end.

But back to my personal Instagram consumption. Who am I actually following? And why? There are colleagues whom I really like from the bottom of my heart, whom I follow because I want to know what they do and who interest me in their life and work. And then there are the people whom I followed at some point, “because you just follow them”. And when I checked it a few days ago, it was actually over 1,600 accounts. I'm scared of that. No wonder that some friends never show me anything when their posts disappear in the bulk of the posts in my feed.

It was kind of a much too late aha moment when it was clear that I wanted to radically muck out, aka “unfollow”. I only want to follow the accounts that I find exciting, that are interested in the person behind them, that make me feel good. These include, for example, numerous travel and animal profiles, photography accounts, or the favorite cafés in Bali, which always make me reminisce when I see a picture. The accounts that convey knowledge, those that inspire me and those that tell me about my hometown or other favorite places, for example.

But there are also these profiles that often make me feel negative. Because they convey false ideals, distort reality, I notice that people present themselves completely differently than they actually are. This often leaves an extremely bland aftertaste.

As I am part of this industry, I can often look behind the scenes. And this “to present oneself differently than you are” unfortunately happens more often than you think. Often with the people with whom you probably least expect it as a follower. For a few days now I've been mucking out on Instagram, gradually following all those who don't make me feel good, whose profile simply doesn't offer me any added value, to whom I have lost the connection or whom I have simply followed because “everyone follows them”. There are still just over 1,000 accounts, but they are certainly getting fewer and fewer.

A few thoughts on my own Instagram profile. Personally, I made the decision a long time ago not to use Instagram in order to share my whole life with you readers and the Instagram followers who have never looked at this blog. I use the platform primarily to tease my blog posts, see it as an extension of my blog. If I am traveling or at a favorite place in Munich, I am happy to post daily updated pictures and to be able to spontaneously share the impressions with you via stories. But extremely dosed.

Honestly, I just don't feel comfortable speaking into the camera so I don't. Because you shouldn't bend, but show yourself the way you want. Do what you feel comfortable with. Even if it's not always easy. I've already been chalked up here for not showing enough about “real life” on Instagram. But I also have to say that I hardly share anything on Instagram, and that I certainly do not stage my life differently than it really is.

I do not show my life on Instagram in an embellished version or present myself differently from who I am. My medium was and is always the blog, and here I also write about the negative things, not only sharing highlights with you, but also downfalls. But I am reluctant to get too private on a platform that I just don't see as my personal medium. Of course, I could also go into more depth on Instagram, write long texts, create a kind of blog replacement. But I still want to write blog posts here on Josie loves - my very own platform - and share my thoughts with you HERE. Here, where the texts are read consciously and pictures are not just blindly liked. I have decided to invest my time and my heart and soul in the blog and I appreciate Instagram as an extension of this blog, but not as a completely independent channel - at least in my case. I like to add moving images to the blog posts, especially with regard to travel, in the Instagram stories and I appreciate being able to share something super spontaneously every now and then.

I would also be very interested in your opinion (because this is where I reach “the loyal Josie loves readers”): Do you follow me and other bloggers whose blogs you read on Instagram at all? Do you use Instagram to get noticed about new blog posts? Or do you prefer completely different content there?



  • I can only agree with that. Even though speaking into the camera is sometimes a lot of fun. But show everything - something has to be private too. And: months ago I unfollowed accounts that were only about showing yourself particularly thin. I just didn't want to watch that anymore.

  • Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topical and important topic. I myself started cleaning out my feed at the beginning of the year. I use Instagram purely for private purposes and am not at home in the blogger / social media industry either. Nevertheless, I found with horror that I often only let myself be sprinkled or - even worse - consciously followed accounts that have evoked negative feelings in me. Out of the human need to want to "get excited" about others from time to time. I broke up with that and it feels so much better. I can only admit to you and your blogger colleagues that I still prefer reading well-researched articles on a blog. That brings me a lot more added value personally than compressed information under an Instagram picture. With that in mind, please keep it up with your concept :)
    Happy Easter,

  • I'm not just people, I'm completely unfollowed on Instagram. I used it privately for a very long time and had fun looking at snapshots of others and sharing one or the other picture myself. In the year in which I got married, I got a lot of inspiration around the topic of weddings there and even got to know a lot of nice girls, all of whom got married at the same time as me, one even on the same day, that really appealed to me was a lot of fun. But this has got lost in the course of time and completely. For me Instagram is now a pure advertising platform, often half of my feed was full of the same product, that bored me. There is a setting on my mobile phone that allows you to specify how long you want to use an app per day. I then set an hour per day for Instagram and was shocked how quickly it was over! An hour of valuable time just spent on Instagram, consumed without any sense or reason. I didn't want that anymore and made short work of it and deleted my profile (which, by the way, is not that easy, you have to log in via the PC first, only the app doesn't work at all). That was actually very liberating, I don't miss anything without this platform. Real life is wonderful, I don't need any “likes” for how well my bikini looks (I know that myself ;-)). And now I'm looking specifically for inspiration, e.g. B. here on your blog, because I know what I have there.

  • Valerie started something really good again. I think that's mega. After all, who really needs input from more than 1000 accounts a day, which is sometimes difficult with only 50 and just wastes so much time. In the meantime, I often notice it with my husband, who only signed up on Instagram 1 1/2 years ago, as he scrolls through the accounts while watching TV or in bed and with a blank look just to switch off. I find it very interesting what social media can do with us. It is therefore really important to take the moments for yourself and to put your cell phone away and take in the conversation with your girlfriend or partner completely and not just sit next to it. This also brings so much disinterest to your counterpart, but everyone has to deal with it for themselves. PS: Dear Sarah, I still love reading your blog, because lately I have noticed how much it gives you personally when you read good texts and don't just wipe them away.

  • Find your blog post very open and honest. I like Instagram, but I prefer blogs because you can learn a lot more about the person and the beautiful and not so beautiful things in life. And you get a lot more tips and inspiration. Of course, Instagram is also beautiful, no question about it, but you have to keep in mind that you have to look at this medium from a certain distance, as it only represents the “beautified world”, which often has little to do with real reality has to do. I have already done spring cleaning several times at instragram and have unfollowed all accounts that are not good for me.

  • Dear Sarah, I used Instagram, but quickly realized that I easily slip into this "everyone else is much better" corner and then deleted it.
    I'm still on Facebook, but in the end I lose valuable time there just by scrolling and have therefore "fasted" Facebook. Instead, I use the time for other valuable things that are good for me.
    I appreciate your blog very much and I am happy to read that you continue to focus on it!

  • I don't use Instagram, my already limited free time is too bad for that. Sure, if a blog that interests me has an Instagram link, I'll take a look, but it's not my preferred medium. Much too superficial. I also have no desire to blow my own banalities into the world. What for?

  • This is a really great article. And I join Marla.

  • PS-I follow your blög. I took a look at Instagram once. But that was it. I am always happy about your blog posts. Instagram isn't a big medium for me. Many greetings

  • Dear Sarah, I am following your blog via Bloglovin. If I am interested in an article I will click on it and read it in full. These are especially personal posts.
    I don't read obvious advertising mail, hotels that are too expensive and product recommendations from categories that don't interest me.
    I use Instagram a little differently. I actually get inspiration from here. I mainly follow people from my circle of friends. A few photography people whose pictures I find beautiful and a few selected “influencers”. I like to watch the stories of a few other people, but I don't follow them because I don't care about the pictures in the feed. I often discover new products and so on and then continue to gather information on the Internet and read articles from various sources.
    I like to follow your blog, I don't follow you on Instagram because, as you write yourself, there is nothing else to see there than on the blog.
    I would really only be interested in stories about you as a person and here you understandably decided against.
    I still find that so fascinating on Instagram, everything that is revealed there. A bit like Big Brother and I think that's why it works for the majority of people.
    Stay true to yourself, I will continue to be happy to click on your articles specifically.
    LG Jule

  • Thank you for your differentiated contribution. I tend to be one of those who rarely comment anywhere. This post speaks to me very much and I can agree on many points. I also cleaned out a lot and am now much happier. An account of large fashion bloggers does not bring me any added value personally, as the clothes shown there are rarely worn in everyday life. In addition, it is definitely unaffordable. I appreciate differentiated thoughts and discussions on this blog, outfit inspirations that you can occasionally shop for and that does not convey a superficial facade of the perfect life. You can tell that this content was written with intellect and differentiated approaches. Many Thanks

  • Dear Sarah,

    your blog post speaks to me 100%! I also saw the graphic on Instagram and have thought about it a lot since then. In the near future I will also muck out a lot, because as you have already said in principle, you cannot see the forest for the trees! I still write my blog with a lot of heart and soul, but recently I had the general feeling that a lot of people are only interested in getting information quickly. Still, I've decided to tackle a few new projects for myself. Because content counts on the blog, here you can really write about things that concern you. On Instagram, captions are probably only read in the rarest of cases. You see, I totally agree. :) And I really enjoy reading your posts here!

    Lovely wishes