How was Pepsi invented

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What digestion has to do with "Pepsi-Cola"

Once before, it was about the origin of the names of beverage brands. Today there is more to it - for example the story of "Pepsi-Cola", the big competitor of "Coca-Cola".

Also "Pepsi" was Invented by a pharmacist (1893) - Caleb Bradham first called it "Brad's Drink". Then he named it "Pepsi-Cola" - after that digestive enzyme pepsinwhich it contained at the time. Logically, the drink was advertised as "healthy" and "good for digestion" in the first few years.

"Sinalco" on the other hand comes from Germany. It was developed in 1902 by the manufacturer Franz Hartmann, who took inspiration from the naturopath Friedrich Eduard Bilz. The drink was first called "Bilz-Brause". Three years later the name "Sinalco" was created - from the Latin "sine alcohole" ("without alcohol").

"Obi" is actually one Apple juice brand, in Austria meanwhile something like a Synonymous with apple juice. That's where the company actually comes from Switzerland, more precisely from Bischofzell (Thurgau) - the name comes from the cooperative "Orecovery Bischofszell ".

And "Pago"? Josef Pagitz introduced in Klagenfurt first of all soda water, later also fruit juices. The name was created in 1949 and is made up of Pagitz and fruit together.