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The deep caries lesion. The supply of teeth with the preservation of a vital pulpPOH 202.09.2021Training for dental assistants: Radiation protection for extended recording technology OPT / FRKDI 112.11.20212nd UZB Research DayFO116.04.2021What to do if there is a lack of salivaZSM 129.04.2021Small Trauma Day 2021ZUZ 104.12.2021Ergonomics - healthier and better workPROTH 307.10.2021CANCELED FB course does not take place: Reconstructive aspects to preserve or replace the abutment tooth in questionPROTH 208.04.2021CANCELED FB course does not take place: Prosthetic-oriented implant therapy in the digital agePROTH 110.03.2021Tooth movement disturbances and enhancementsPOH 117.09.2021Clinical-radiological anatomy for everyday practice - the mandibleOHM 710.12.2021Oral medicine in practice: tips, tricks & challengesOHM 603.12.2021Clinical-radiological anatomy for everyday practice - the maxillaOHM 505.11.2021Temporomandibular disorders: an evidence-based approachOHM 403.11.2021Painful changes in the mucous membrane in children and adolescentsOHM 321.10.2021Oral medicine - hot irons & current trendsOHM 227.08.2021Myoarthropathies: Findings, diagnoses, therapy - but evidence-basedOHM 119.05.2021Automated root canal preparation - a hands-on coursePEK 317.11.2021Treatment of stage I – III periodontitis: EFP S3 level clinical practice guidelinePEK 211.11.2021Indirect posterior restorations made of composite - a hands-on coursePEK 114.10.2021Hard and soft tissue cystsCHIR 809.12.2021The big 1 × 1 of dental surgery - with hands-on on the pig's jawCHIR 719.11.2021The small 1 × 1 of oral surgery - with hands-on on the pig's jawCHIR 619.11.2021User meeting for dental radiology at the UZBCHIR 518.11.2021Professional tongue diagnostics in the dental practice - a ZOOM advanced training courseCHIR 422.04.2021The risk patient in the dental practice - when do you have to be careful?CHIR 315.04.2021Modern tooth-preserving surgery - it doesn't always have to be implantsCHIR 211.03.2021Halitosis 2021 - Establishment of a professional bad breath consultation hourCHIR 104.03.2021Do’s and dont`s - wisdom teeth and extractions; zoom trainingCHIR 910.12.2020