Is there a cure for swine flu

These Flu home remedies support recovery:

  • Drink 3 cups of one daily Tea mixture made from linden and elderflower, sage and thyme, possibly sweetened with honey. This has an antipyretic effect and soothes Sore throatand cough.

  • Perform if you have a high fever the good old vinegar socks Good service: Put 2 - 3 tablespoons of vinegar in 1 liter of water (room temperature) and dip cotton socks, wring them out gently and put them on. Put on dry socks and lie down in bed. Repeat the process several times until the fever has subsided.

  • A Neck wrap with curd has a beneficial effect on strep throat.

  • Nasal irrigation Several times a day with isotonic (for dry nasal mucosa) or hypertonic (for nasal congestion) saline solution facilitates nasal breathing.

  • The light one has a refreshing and soothing effect on headaches Rubbing peppermint oil on the temples. Be careful not to get in the eyes.



  • Hand washing and that is refreshing Cooling the forehead with a soaked, pleasantly scented washcloth.

  • Even if you hardly have any appetite, you should daily light meals such as bouillon or vegetable soup to take in.

  • At least drink 2 liters of herbal tea, diluted fruit juice or water.

  • Repeated Ventilation has a refreshing effect and supplies the cells with oxygen.

  • If the symptoms get worse despite the use of home remedies for flu, such as nausea / vomiting, stiff neck or loss of consciousness, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Typical fluSymptoms are:

  • Sudden, severe feeling of illness with headache and body aches,
  • Chills,
  • Fever (can be over 39 ° Celsius),
  • dry cough and
  • Sniff.

A Flu illness lasts 1 to 2 weeks. What you need most now is rest! Treat yourself to this (forced) time-out and at the same time spare your fellow human beings from infection. You can do a lot to alleviate the annoying accompanying symptoms and to support the healing process.

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