Use non-contact car washes to remove the wax

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About the firm

Chemical Company was founded in 2004; It is the manufacturer of household and automotive chemicals, chemical products to ensure occupational health and safety, and industrial chemicals. All products manufactured by us are characterized by a very good, high quality and have been subjected to appropriate tests and have certificates. We carry out orders for the production of chemical preparations under your brand.

Car wash products
For several years we have been able to observe a very rapidly growing market for - especially non-contact - car washes. We try to respond to the growing market demand for high quality products for car washes. Good micro-powder, active non-contact foam and shampoo all contribute to making drivers happy to visit their car wash again. Almost every one of us drives a car, and we all probably agree that people don't like going back to those car washes that use poor quality micro-powder to wash car bodies. The high-quality car wash powder is easily soluble in water, does not leave any streaks or stains, is harmless to bodywork, plastic and rubber components. Such properties are characteristic of car wash powder Chemical; it was created on the basis of a new, enriched formula.

We only supply well-proven products that wash off all types of dirt perfectly. We provide chemicals for washing systems in different sizes of packaging. Concentrated liquids are suitable for all vehicles. A fortified formula allows a thorough removal of lubricants, oil, petroleum-derived products. The product loosens dirt in hard-to-reach places and does not damage the paint layer. In addition, you will find in our range, among other things, car window washers, tire shine and washing agents for rims. Our car shampoos are often used by auto repair shops, which may also be interested in our range of hygienic pastes. Color shampoo or active foam are also recommended.

In addition, our sales offer includes:
- colored active foam
- A double-colored foam - that is, the snow effect on the car - in different colors and with a very pleasant scent. You can also buy foam from us in colors: pink, blue, yellow, green and orange. The foam softens heavily dried dirt so that it is easy to remove.

Washer powder - the manufacturer
This is a formula of active particles that increase the effectiveness of cleaning even with particularly stubborn dirt. This technology is safe for car paintwork. The contactless washing with the use of washing powder for car washes guarantees you an excellent effect without leaving scratches and cracks on the body. Micro-granules dissolve in the water and effectively remove the impurities. The washing powder has a pleasant and fresh scent.

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Car shampoo 100
- a product for manual washing and through dispensers. PH-level neutral

Foam 200
- Product developed for brush rinsing

Foam 250
- Product for brush rinsing

Foam 300
- Premium foam very foaming and fragrant means for brushes and general washing machines

Active foam 210
- a product for washing passenger cars

Active foam 211
- a product for washing trucks

Activator 230
- a product for washing cars

Active foam 270
- a product for washing passenger cars

Active foam 271
- a product for washing passenger cars

Turbo foam 350

- Seat foam, which is spread with a special gun, causes the so-called snow effect
Turbo foam paint 351

- Seat foam distributed with a special weapon causing so-called The effect of colored snow available in 6 colors
Active foam 355

- a product for washing cars with a neutral pH
Active foam 356

- Premium foam product for washing passenger cars
Active foam 366

- Super premium foam product for washing passenger cars
Active foam 360

- Product for washing passenger cars
Rim 400

- Concentrate alkaline for washing rims
Phosphate 410 powder

- Powder for touchless car washes without phosphate
Powder 415

- Powder with content of phosphates for contactless car washes
Powder 420

- Powder with phosphates for contactless car washes
Powder 440

- Powder with phosphate content for contactless washing
Wax 500

- wax concentrate

Wax 510

Dishwasher dryer 550

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