Are good quality glasses in Costco?

You guessed it: I'll start with some notes about you and your website, followed by reviews of purchases.

Brief Notes:

  • Low to medium price point in the discount area with a healthy number of glasses under $ 20 (plus shipping costs).
  • Also carry a number of higher priced branded eyewear frames.
  • Very international friendly - you use geolocation to guess your country and have prices confirmed / changed in your local currency.
  • Offer a "Reglaze" service - a service for those who want to keep their existing frames and only want to use new lenses.
  • If you are unsure about your PD, you can send in your old glasses and the lenses will be measured (free if you don't want the old glasses back, £ 5 otherwise).
  • Cannot check out as a guest.

Impressions, website, order:

SelectSpecs is a UK company and they have always had some form of support for displaying the price in other currencies for other countries. They have been around for many years and the rate of complaints I've received about them has been pretty low, although the complaints indicated that customer service was unwilling to resolve the issues.

The website itself is pretty unique to them. Instead of looking at what everyone else is doing and copying the main aspects and layouts, it really looks like they thought about how they wanted to approach the site and options if they were a visitor and put this into practice. The website doesn't have the 2018/2019 modern feel that some others have, but it's functional, helpful, and intuitive.

First-time visitors buying glasses will likely do just fine on the SelectSpecs website. For something like a PD, you have instructions, an app, a video and the option to even send in your old glasses.

Ordering is a bit of a process because of the way things are distributed across the pages, although in their case it is a perfectly reasonable approach to avoiding visitors from being flooded with too many options at once. When trying to compare the price of each lens combination, you will likely want to use the price table available in the main menu. The same goes for determining the current price for shipping, if you choose to do so before entering your details.

Price and Value:

As much as they offer a lot of higher priced frames, they also have a healthy selection of cheaper frames. They are one of the very few retailers that stock a wide range of brands, both cheap and expensive, to serve all areas of the market. Usually this doesn't work out well for retailers, but SelectSpecs has been doing this for a long time, and they're still around.

They can be found under $ 20 (excluding UV), with the upgrade that includes UV currently only costing about $ 6 more. I'm not going to tackle them too hard as the price tag for UV isn't very high… but still…. the number of retailers that have started removing UV from their base lenses ... is amazing. Aren't some of you retailers optometrists !?

Overall, the value is really quite good, although those in the US should note that they pay the same shipping costs as everyone else (since most retailers are based in the US, US customers are often given a quote for shipping).

Some SelectSpecs reviews ...!

This review (my review) is from 2006.

February 16 - I have placed an order for SelectSpecs glasses. I ordered the Gladiator 104 frames (unisex, flexible temples, all metal) for $ 32.90 CDN (~ $ 29.56 USD), with the "Thin & Light" lens option, which was available at no extra charge. The lenses contain a free AR / UV / scratch coating. After shipping, the total was 38.06 CDN (~ $ 33.18 USD). Note that they also have lower-priced glasses starting at around $ 23.33 (plus shipping, of course). The only things I noticed about the checkout process that are different from other locations are 1) you can choose your own currency, and 2) the page where you enter your address has a Full Address, State / Country section , Zip code and country, but no city / town section, so be sure to include your city in the first part of the address section. This is no big deal and the post office will no doubt find your city based on your zip code in case you forget it, but still something to look out for. To be on the safe side, in addition to filling in the other fields, I have entered my entire address including city, province and postcode in the address field.

February 24th - I received an email with an invoice that said below: “Due for arrival within the next 1-2 days”. I recorded this to have my glasses shipped, although I'm sure the 1-2 day part is for those who live in the UK.

7th March - I received an insert in my mail saying that a package was waiting for me at the post office. Surely it was the glasses.


(Click any of the thumbnails to open a full size image in a new window)

# 1 and # 2 are packaging, pretty standard size. The packaging has a bubble wrap inside, which is always nice to see. #No. 3 is everything in the box. Two copies of your sample, the actual glasses case and a cardboard envelope. #No. 4 is simply the open case. The glasses were wrapped in bubble wrap and a small microfiber cloth was included. Finally, No. 5 and No. 6 are just a few pictures of the glasses themselves.

March 7 (continued)
I was pretty impressed with the packaging. First of all, the glasses case looks pretty stable and solid. The addition of bubble wrap, both as part of the envelope and wrapped around the glasses, adds even more peace of mind.

The glasses themselves seemed pretty good too. The glasses were clean with only a small stain visible on the side of the lens. The frames had to be adjusted as they looked crooked when they were first put on. The sockets seemed a little cheaper and I was afraid they might break while fitting, but the metal seemed to bend relatively easily and the fit went well. However, if you don't feel comfortable doing the settings yourself, I suggest you go somewhere and have them done professionally. The lenses were very good and free from defects. The coatings are water repellent and the AR coating has a slight green cast. All in all, I'd say the glasses were very good, and aside from the frame adjustments required to get it straight, I think pretty much anyone who received this pair would have been perfectly happy.


  • Total time between order and delivery: 19
  • Time to delivery: 8
  • Time in transit (those in the UK will undoubtedly have a shorter shipping time): 11


Would I buy from SelectSpecs again?
Yes. The prices are good, the packaging was great. Aside from the frames being a little "out of shape," the rest of the experience was almost perfect.

Would I recommend SelectSpecs to others?
Yes. My only concern would be someone having to adjust the frame and accidentally break it. Other than that, the glasses were great and I don't foresee anyone receiving a package that was damaged in shipping. As long as there is no mistake in the prescription and the frames survive the adjustment, I think just about anyone would be happy with a pair of SelectSpecs.

4eyes finds the delivery time of the SelectSpecs glasses "acceptable" and only recommends them because of the savings

This review took place in 2006 and was sent in by "4eyes".

Frame: Red fox 801
Lenses: Single vision lens with index 1.61 - with anti-reflection and anti-scratch coating.

Delivery time: acceptable - took about two weeks from placing the order. The item was sent from Hong Kong.

What was included: Glasses in a case, no wipe.

Lens quality: The lens is fine with no scratches and the prescription appears to be correct. The anti-reflective coating seems to work, but not as well as my previous Costco glasses. My son has not yet tested the anti-scratch coating. I would like the websites to provide an estimate of glass thickness based on your prescription and your glass choices. The glasses I got are thicker than I thought and this type of tool would have been good to help me choose the glass.

Frame quality: I don't like the frame construction now that I have the glasses. I like the shape, but what I couldn't see from the online picture is that the glasses are attached to the frame with two screws on each glass. Each glass has a slot cut out next to the screw hole. Each slot holds a pin that prevents the glasses from twisting on the frame (see picture). The problem is the slots in the lenses are a bit bigger than the pen so the lenses move a bit and I find that I readjust the lenses myself every few days. Another thing I don't like about the frame is that the screws that hold the glasses in place are quite long - these should be cut in my opinion. The screws have caps so you don't get scratched - these caps can fall off and be very difficult to find as they are clear. Basically, I got what I asked for but couldn't clearly see what I was getting.

Would I recommend this to a friend: - Yes, purely because of the savings.


Greg is happy with SelectSpecs, but mentions a few drawbacks

Note: I don't know the exact date of the review Greg sent in, but it was a few years ago.

I am not qualified to write a comparative review as this is the only online eyewear retailer that I have actually done business with. However, I have only just made my third purchase in four years and I am still reasonably happy with both the product and the process.

I've bought glasses from Sears, Lenscrafters, Walmart, and Costco in the past, and I've been lukewarm with all of them, with Costco being the best. But my SelectSpecs glasses were great and surprised me in some areas.

First the glasses frames: When I unpacked the first SelectSpecs glasses, I was a little disappointed. It didn't look cheap, but it didn't look quite as expensive as I'd hoped. In retrospect, what I was hoping for was probably unreasonable. What I was hoping for was glasses that would make me look young, wealthy, and hip, and I'm none of those things. What I received were some very nice looking and usable glasses. VERY useful. I'm really tough on glasses, and the frames hold up as well as any I've ever owned. Not even any loose screws. I just wish I could buy spring-hinge frames.

The glasses were also remarkably durable. Not only were they pretty scratch resistant, but the optical coatings were just amazing. I've just examined the old glasses I bought from SelectSpecs more than four years ago and the coatings still seem close to perfect.

Small disadvantages: In the past, my SelectSpec glasses have cost me around $ 55. This year my newest pair was just over $ 140 in the exact same versions. The difference is that it was the first time I chose the "recommended" ultra-thin lens material of the highest quality. I will probably never buy this upgrade again. When I carefully examine both pairs of glasses side by side, I still cannot see a significant difference. The other small downside is that service is a little slow for US customers. SelectSpecs operates out of the UK and while my glasses were completed within the stated "7-10 BUSINESS DAYS" it took 29 days from the time I placed my order to the moment I got it in my mailbox. That was acceptable to me, but definitely not good for the person who just lost their only pair of glasses.

The bottom line for me is that I've been so satisfied with my purchases from SelectSpecs that I'm not very interested in trying other sellers. I chose them first because I knew exactly which frames I wanted, and they were the only ones that had them for a reasonable price. And while they might not be the cheapest, the combination of choice and quality makes them very affordable. And for someone new to buying glasses online, the selection and purchase process was so easy and straightforward that I decided not to look any further. I can definitely recommend her.


Recommendation for 2019

With the variety of frames (from cheap frames to branded frames) and solid pricing all around, SelectSpecs has really covered a lot of areas, and there aren't many reasons to avoid them based on the offers alone. It's value for money, the site caters well to new users, and overall I would be surprised if someone doesn't find what they're looking for at a reasonable price.

However, when looking for the absolute minimum price for US visitors, global flat-rate shipping may not be as attractive as the low-cost or low-cost shipping that some US-based retailers offer US residents.

If you are interested, please visit the SelectSpecs website at:


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