Mystique can change better than Loki

How "X-Men - Future is Past" influences the other films

Hardly a day without a new one X-Men-Report. X-Men - the future is the past is a time travel film, and as is the case with time travel films, changes in the past also affect the future.

Therefore, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is sent back to 1973 by the other future mutants to nip in the bud the rise of the Sentinels that will result in the post-apocalyptic future. However, its mere presence in the past swirls the X-Men-Time line messed up what at the end of X-Men - the future is the past can cause slight confusion (attention, big spoilers!).

When Wolverine regains consciousness at the very end, he obviously doesn't know how history has changed. At Xavier's school he runs into Jean (Famke Janssen) and Cyclops (James Marsden), both alive and well, which means thatX-Men - The last stand so never happened. It is also indicated that Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) this time opts for the good side, i.e. against Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and for Charles (James McAvoy), unlike it X-Men andX-Men 2 have shown.

What exactly happened there? Did Wolverine create an alternate timeline or do we need the first? X-MenDo you really see parts with completely different eyes now? Writer / producer Simon Kinberg explains it this way: Indeed, the ending in the 70s is changing the timeline of the existing film universe. What one for X-Men - the future is the past but assumed that time was unchangeable. So we see a future that has shifted but not completely changed. The characters are back in the X-Mansion like in X-Men 1-3, just with some obvious changes.

Therefore, says Kinberg, the answer is yes and no. Yes, X-Men - the future is the past changes the timeline, and no, it doesn't completely erase everything. The coming X-Men-Films should help us to understand this even better.X-Men - Apocalypse about (Germany start on 19th May 2016) will be the time gap between X-Men - the future is the past and the first X movie keep filling.

And does the immutability of time also affect certain characters? Kinberg would tend towards that. People can change, but like time they are on a general path from which they cannot be completely dissuaded. Sounds like Mystique might get back on the wrong track ...