Loneliness can lead to hair loss

Hair loss due to corona: can that be?

Hair loss due to corona: can that be?

Can corona trigger hair loss? At least that's what numerous recovered corona patients report. We did some research.

Can coronavirus infection lead to hair loss? This assumption is causing more and more people to panic. Full, shiny hair is not only an ideal of beauty, but also stands for vitality and vitality. If it comes to hair loss, the body is missing something. Because hair loss is not a diagnosis, but a symptom. If more than 100 hairs are lost a day, one speaks of hair loss. But how is hair loss supposed to be related to the coronavirus?

Coronavirus-induced hair loss: can it be?

We now know some of the symptoms that the coronavirus brings with it. Including the loss of the sense of taste and smell, as well as a dry cough or fever. But to what extent can skin and hair also be damaged? In fact, some congenital corona patients report severe hair loss. What are the causes? The exact causes of hair loss after a coronavirus infection are still unclear. But science has already established a connection between the disease and hair loss. This change was particularly noticeable in male patients, as a study that was published in the specialist journal "Dermatologic Therapy" shows.

Hair loss due to stress

A study by the Indiana School of Medicine was also able to link the coronavirus pandemic to hair loss. However, this is less about the virus infection than about our psyche. Dermatologist Annie Chiu, founder of the Derm Institute in Los Angeles, is certain:

According to these findings, we do not even have to be infected with the coronavirus to determine hair loss. Often the one triggered by the pandemic is enough mental stresssuch as fear of job, concern for the health of loved ones or loneliness in lockdown.

What to do in case of hair loss

If your hair loss is noticeable, then first ask yourself the following questions: How long has the hair loss existed? Have I recently had an operation? Have I changed my diet? Do I regularly take medication that could trigger hair loss? Don't hesitate to see a general practitioner or dermatologist. So you can quickly determine the cause of the hair loss together. You can find more information about hair loss here.