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Jio Prime Membership: How To Get It, New Plans Announced In 2021

Reliance Jio's free services will end in late March 2017, and a few days ago the company announced Jio Prime membership and new plans that will apply after the Happy New Year offer ends.

To retain the 100 million subscribers Jio had amassed since its inception - thanks to its industry disrupting free 4G data and calls - Reliance launched Prime membership for a full year at a modest Rs.99.

Prime membership gives users special offers that are not available to Prime users.

One of the plans announced for Jio Prime members costs 303 rupees (prepaid) for 28 days and has caused quite a stir as it includes a total of 28 GB of data for the month - that's 1 GB of data per day at a nominal cost from Rs.10.

Non-Prime members get 2.5GB of data for 28 days when they top up with the Rs.303 plan.

How to Get Jio Prime Membership

Prime membership can be purchased either through the MyJio app or by registering at a nearby store dealing with Jio Sims before March 31, 2017.

Here are four easy steps to get a Jio Prime membership on the mobile app.

  • Open the MyJio app and swipe left to access the menu.
  • You can find the Jio Prime option at the top of the menu.
  • Click on it and you will be given two options: "Get Jio Prime" and "Gift Jio Prime".
  • If you want to do it yourself, tap the "Get Jio Prime" option and make the payment.

If you can't find the Jio Prime option at the top of the menu, visit the Play Store and make sure your MyJio app is updated.

Jio subscribers can make location / STD calls for free and send up to 100 SMS per day. If you want to make international calls or send international SMS, there are several top-up options available.

Pre-paid Jio tariff plans

A total of 10 plan plans for Jio subscribers have been announced that will have to be claimed after the free services expire at the end of this month - either with or without Prime membership.

The cheapest plan starts at Rs.19 for 200MB (Prime members) and 100MB (non-Prime) data with a single day of validity, and the most expensive plan costs Rs.9999, which is valid for 360 days and 750GB of data for provides Prime members and 200 GB of data as well as 30 days validity for non-Prime members.

Eight other packages, including the popular Rs.303 package, are available to Jio subscribers. Of course, Prime members benefit from the advantages of the data.

Postpaid Jio tariff plans

Postpaid members have three options to choose from after the free service ends. If you are a postpaid user and choose Prime membership, your bill will be issued at the end of the current billing cycle, but your membership will be activated immediately.

The new tariffs announced for Jio postpaid subscribers cost 303 rupees, 499 rupees and 999 rupees, respectively.

The Rs.303 plan calls for a Prime member to get 30GB of data for a billing cycle with a cap of 1GB per day, while a non-Prime member gets just 2.5GB of data.

With the Rs. 499 plan, a Prime member gets 60 GB of data for one billing cycle, with the FUP capped at 2 GB per day, while a non-Prime member only gets 5 GB of data.

With the Rs.999 plan, a Prime member gets 60GB of data for one billing cycle with no FUP cap, while a non-Prime member gets 12.5GB of data.

Add-on data (booster)

If you run out of data in the middle of your current tariff or billing cycle, Reliance also lets you add data to your plan without reloading it.

The available booster data packages for prepaid and postpaid customers vary slightly.

According to reports, Jio Prime membership will only be available to the first 100 million subscribers who choose to do so. If Reliance has better connectivity in the urban areas, it won't take long to populate the available Prime members.

While the Jio Prime membership offer sounds interesting, only through the offer can Reliance ensure that the 100 million subscribers it has accumulated in a little less than the last six months are retained and several million are added to a stable network, both for calls as well as for the internet.