Why is sex fun

Why is sex fun?

The bestselling author Jared Diamond on the bizarre human sexuality

Why do we humans have sex primarily for pleasure rather than for reproduction and conservation of the species? And doesn't that run counter to evolution? Why have sex with women who are pregnant or past menopause? Sex could be limited to the fertile days to save energy ...
With wit, esprit and great expertise, the award-winning evolutionary biologist Jared Diamond explains how humans differ in their sexual behavior from other animals - and that this is exactly the key to their evolutionary success.

Jared Diamond, born in Boston in 1937, is Professor of Geography at the University of California in Los Angeles. His main research area is evolutionary biology. In the past 25 years he has led around a dozen expeditions to remote areas of New Guinea. He has received several awards for his work in the fields of anthropology and genetics, including the Pulitzer Prize. After ›The Third Chimpanzee‹, ›Poor and Rich‹, ›Why is Sex Fun?‹ And his bestseller ›Kollaps. Why societies survive or perish ‹is ​​what he last wrote in 2013 in the FISCHER paperback› Legacy. What we can learn from traditional societies ‹(17732) published. Literature Prizes: Britain's Rhône-Poulenc Prize for Science Books 1998, Pulitzer Prize 1998, Lannan Literary Award 1999, Dickson Prize for Science 2006, Wolf Prize for Agricultural Science 2013.
Sebastian Vogel, born in Berlin in 1955, has a doctorate in biology and has been a translator for many years. In addition to the works of Neil Shubin, he has translated books by Richard Dawkins, Jared Diamond, Stephen Jay Gould and Steven Pinker into German.