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Gaps in the CV: How to fill them in a meaningful way

Gaps in the résumé are like holes in your teeth. You can really hurt. A long period of unemployment, for example, arouses suspicion among HR professionals. What's wrong with the applicant? In the worst case, gaps in the résumé lead to the applicant being taken out of the running. But not every empty space has to mean the end. This is how applicants fill in the gaps in their résumé in a meaningful way ...

Gaps in the resume: what is it?

A month of idle time - that's not tragic. Maybe you have one nice trip made. Or you were just at the interface between two jobs or at the transition from studying to work.

Also a phase of Reorientationthat goes beyond a month is perfectly fine. If it took you six or eight weeks to make plans for the future, no recruiter will turn your head. But at some point it becomes critical. At the latest after one two-month break creates a gap that you need to explain in good time.

A crystal clear definition for one too big a gap in my CV there is not any. As a rule of thumb, however, you can remember:

Anything over a period of two to three months goes beyond and is not explained is considered a loophole.

Basically, gaps in the curriculum vitae are periods of time in which no one ...

  • internship
  • Vocational training
  • Education
  • permanent employment
  • further education

pursues. In the personnel office, the suspicion arises: The applicant was unemployed. And the subsequent suspicion is: He was for good reason unemployed. If in all that time there hasn't been a company that wanted to hire him, why should we?

So there is a big gap a bad light on the applicant. Sometimes rightly, but often wrongly. It is therefore important to clear up possible misunderstandings in good time. This is how it works ...

Gaps in the résumé: this is how they are often concealed

A popular trick is no month information in the curriculum vitae, but rather the year. It will look like that:

2018Employment at Fake AG, Rosenheim
2017Employment at No Plan GmbH, Flensburg
2016Internship at Crazy KG, Cologne

A second option is to get one Experience profile instead of submitting an achronological résumé. In this way, an applicant can quantify his qualifications without having to specify the year. For example like this:

5 years of experience as a sales representative in the frozen food segment
3 years of experience as a call center agent outbound
2 years of experience as a sales assistant

Our tip: Refrain from such antics in your application. HR professionals know the tricks. They only fuel suspicions that something is wrong with you. The chances of being invited decrease. If it is pronounced, you have to uncomfortable questions set up that you may not be able to answer.

But there are other ways you can help yourself. It is legitimate for applicants, for example, on the résuméMonthly information instead of week information close. So if you did a two week internship from March 20th to April 4th, you could write on your resume:

03/2018-04/2018Internship at Absurd AG, Mannheim

Two weeks become two months. That at least hides a small gap. And with one Experience profile you are also welcome to advertise yourself - but please not in your application, but on the Internet, on yours private homepage for example. This is where you set up the house rules and do not have to adhere to conventions.

Gaps in the résumé: can I lie?

Lies have short legs - and they almost always backfire. Better stick to that truth. Anyone who simply thinks up jobs or activities and is subsequently exposed is gambling away good reputation. This is dangerous.

Incidentally, misstatements in the résumé are a Reason for termination. Employees can do so without notice, however also retrospectively be terminated. This means that even if you got away with your fraud, it can always fall on your feet. In a job interview, a lie means the immediate end anyway. Nobody wants to hire a notorious liar.

And neither is a make-up artist. So in this case that's subtle Make-up of phases of life meant. Not new, for example, is the tip of some coaches that the work-and-travel tour through Canada as intercultural educational trip or as Language trip to declare. Bad because completely unnecessary! HR professionals also know that a work-and-travel trip will help you personally and linguistically. You don't have to artificially upgrade them. And please don't even think about a perfectly normal vacation trip as Language and culture tour to camouflage.

Another example: a phase of unemployment that one with intensive analysis of potential or Coaching wants to have spent. Not only does that sound ridiculous, it is. If you want to fill in gaps in your résumé, do it this way ...

Gaps in the résumé: The most important tips

Honesty (often) lasts the longest. In some scenarios, you should consistently stick to the truth. In others, however, you may stretch it slightly or keep it quiet. We have played through the most important scenarios for you:

  1. Change of study

    A Dropout is neither a rarity nor a disgrace. The number of courses in Germany is now so high that not every academic can be right with his choice. Anyone who realizes that they have actually made the wrong choice does not have to justify it. There are plenty of famous dropouts. Much more interesting is the question of that So what?. Have you tried a new subject, training or starting a business instead? A void on your resume can even be a real benefit if you've spent years on yours Desired study place have waited. Because, for example, you did not get it immediately because of the steep numerus clausus. This shows perseverance, perseverance and will. So there is nothing to conceal here, just to explain. It only becomes problematic if you change studies every few semesters.

  2. Career entry

    Starting a career is the most difficult hurdle for many. References and advocates are hardly available, just as little work experience. Logically, the start can take a long time. Therefore, if you have several months after graduation in vain looking for a job shouldn't be a big deal. The tolerance limit is six months. There is also a good argument for this: you don't want to go along with it any job start. You want the right one. Studies regularly confirm that the first job is very important for the further course of a career. But you could definitely take the waiting time with you Internships or further training bridge.

  3. illness

    When you've overcome a serious illness or cared for a critically ill family member, there's nothing to hide. You don't have to name the type of illness, it falls into Your privacy. But one chronic illnessthat can break out again at any time does not give you a head start in the race for the job. The employer will worry about having to do without you more often. It would therefore be positive if you narrow down the period of the illness exactly and on one full recovery could indicate. For example: "Time out for health reasons, meanwhile complete recovery and readiness for action" or "Care of the seriously ill mother".

  4. Temporary unemployment

    If the gap on your résumé isn't too big, you have to Phase of unemployment do not relabel. On the contrary, there are HR professionals who do Corners and edges of applicants. It is good when you have worked your way out of a low. But you should also be able to explain HOW you got out of the low. And despite everything, the following still applies: no HR manager appreciates long unemployment. In addition, your lows shouldn't have happened in the deepest abysses. In other words: massive drug or alcohol problems or involvement in criminal machinations are not winning strategies - regardless of whether and how you have renounced them.

  5. Termination through no fault of one's own

    A resignation is not always your fault own inability. It could be that your department has been closed or the company has cut jobs on a large scale. Or that it even had to file for bankruptcy. If so, you have one good argumentation aid for your void on your resume. You could then put it like this:

    08/2012 to 08/2018Sales employee at Insolvent GmbH (termination due to insolvency)

    Above all, you are credible if your job only comes after one longer period ended. But the information should really be true. The bankruptcy of larger companies is covered in the press. So don't think of bankruptcy. It's easy to check - and you end up as a fraud.

  6. Termination through self-inflicted

    It gets trickier when you get the job done own fault have lost. Maybe the boss didn't like your nose or you just did did not perform wellthat he had promised himself from you. In that case, you have little choice but to admit that the termination is your own fault. Don't start by handing out blame. Stepping down is a no-go. A reason such as: It just didn't fit between us. So you don't wash dirty laundry and take responsibilitywithout making yourself the complete failure. But there may be a little trick: If possible, place the gap where it is less noticeable. After all, you have the choice between a chronological and an achronological curriculum vitae. If the gap appears on page 2 after a sparkling clean first page, it does not immediately catch the viewer's eye.

  7. Persistent unemployment

    Anyone who has been unemployed for a long time inevitably has a large gap in their résumé. As an applicant, you must then have the Unpack the magic box. After all, you don't want to give the impression that you were just lazing on the couch at home watching Netflix (even if you were).

    First of all, you should drive in two directions: Keep applying for jobs, but continue your education in parallel. This will add value to your application. This can be language courses, professional training, internships or internships. There are many on the Internet today Training seminars - choose something that suits you. Or check with the employment agency about your options. This will prevent your gap from getting bigger or creating a new one.

    Also, you should be on Your way of expression respect, think highly of. The word is an absolute no-go unemployed in the application. It just sounds bad. Please never refer to yourself as unemployed, but always only as looking for work. Yes, that's actually the same. But underestimate them psychological effect Not. Looking for work contains the word module searchsounds more dynamic and active. Unemployed sounds like left behind, frustrated, in the end. You can also formulate it more positively, for example like this: Looking for a new professional challenge. But be careful: If you've been in this position for years, it could involuntarily come across as strange to the HR manager.

    You can also focus on reorienting your professional future. Example: 05/2018 to 10/2018Professional reorientation with the aim of positioning yourself in the area of ​​data analysis.

    Of course, you then have to explain what concrete measures you have taken to gain a foothold in area XY. Anyway: collect each one single argumentthat you have. If you have a basic understanding of HTML or affiliate marketing, put it on your resume. If you speak a few words of Spanish, Turkish or Croatian, then go to Basic knowledge take up! And if you are in any way committed to the public good - and if it was just a day of the dirt-away day at the beach - then mention that. Also Soft skillsthat are largely independent of your professional experience can earn points.

Gaps in the résumé: They have been worse before!

Polished résumés are becoming increasingly unpopular. More and more companies that want to give a chance to applicants with rough edges, with an odd vita. That promises a Broadening your horizons.

Also the digitalization ensures that long-term corporate careers become a rarity. Changes, lateral entries, industry changes and boomerang recruiting - all of this is possible. Given the Skilled labor shortages In many industries, some HR managers are happy to find applications in their inboxes at all.

A gap in your résumé will not mean the end. This applies in particular to sought-after specialists from the IT, engineering or health sectors. But not only. Rail boss Richard Lutz put it this way in November 2018: "Anyone who is not in the trees with three will be hired."

Gaps in your CV: The funniest answers

The gap in the résumé can also add some amusement. If you answer the HR manager's question with a brilliant joke. We have collected the funniest sayings from social media:

  • "You have a gap in your résumé." "I picked up a melon core from the laminate."
  • "You have a gap in your résumé." "I tried to tweet from a Deutsche Bahn train."
  • "You have a gap in your résumé." "I had a knot in my headphone cord."
  • "You have a gap in your résumé." "The education at Hogwarts doesn't count for you Muggles."
  • "You have a gap in your résumé." "I tried to fold the package insert again."
  • "You have a gap in your résumé." "I tried to find my way out of an IKEA."
  • "You have a gap in your résumé." "I used a hotel hairdryer to dry my hair."
  • "You have a gap in your résumé." "That's when the new season of Game of Thrones came out."
  • "You have a gap in your résumé." "I tried to contact Vodafone customer service."
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