Which beers are best served warm

The right drinking temperature for beer

Cold or warm, that is the question. Well not quite, everyone knows that beer is not drunk warm. There should be exceptions. But how about the right one temperature? If you look at the WorldWideWeb you will be overwhelmed by guide values, tables and rules of thumb, some of which are no longer applicable. For example, for red wine it becomes an optimal one Drinking temperature fixed at room temperature. However, the average room temperature is now 22 ° C and no longer 18 ° C as it used to be. But who wants wine anyway? Back to the beer!

You should always keep in mind that beer that is too cold cannot fully develop its aromas and flavors. However, even a beer that is too warm develops inharmonious aromas and quickly becomes stale. A good guideline that applies to many beers is 7-9 ° C, i.e. the cellar temperature. In addition, you should of course also follow your taste and trust those who prefer to drink their beer ice-cold should also do so. Especially in summer, when the work is done, there is nothing nicer than a low-temperature beer.

However, in order to be able to taste and enjoy the full aroma of the different types of beer, the above-mentioned guideline value is not sufficient. We have made the effort for you to compare many sources with regard to the drinking temperature and have put together a nice table for you with the recommended drinking temperatures for each type of beer.

Type of beer

Suitable drinking temperature

4-6 ° C
Old7-9 ° C
Ales in general8-12 ° C
Belgian triple8-10 ° C
Belgian Dubbel11 ° C
Belgian strong beers12-14 ° C
Buck9 ° C
Doppelbock9 ° C
Dark8-9 ° C
Eisbock9-11 ° C
export7 ° C
Festival beer7 ° C
March7-9 ° C
Kellerbier / Zwickelbier7 ° C
Crystal wheat7 ° C
Light beer5-6 ° C
Hefeweizen dark8-9 ° C
Wheat yeast7-9 ° C
Kölsch7 ° C
Lager / light5-7 ° C
Black beer7-8 ° C
Pilsner7-8 ° C
Geuze4-6 ° C
porter12-13 ° C
Smoked beer11 ° C
stout12-13 ° C
Strong ale12-13 ° C
IPA8-10 ° C
Red ale10-12 ° C
Wheat buck9 ° C
pale Ale7-9 ° C
Barley Wine10-13 ° C

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