ChromeOS has become a better operating system

Chromebooks: 4 new features for a better operating system

Google has the next updates for Chrome OS ready, which will make the operating system better and, above all, a bit more extensive. It already starts with the integrated search, which can now provide even more results at first glance. Simply press the Everything button (the one with the magnifying glass symbol), type in the desired search term and, depending on the search query, receive an answer directly.

Weather, math problems, and other answers

This works, for example, with topics such as the weather, the operating system shows a result directly in the search window and saves opening a website or an app. This also works for other things in everyday life. For example, you can quickly solve a math problem using the search bar.

Diagnostic app like a real operating system

Chrome OS was originally designed so simply that in the last few years there was basically no tool with which one could read various system components. It is different now. Google introduces a diagnostic app. This provides information about some exciting details about the CPU, battery and memory. There is even a built-in battery test and Google wants to offer useful help articles in the diagnostic app.

Scanning just got easier

No less important for Chrome OS is better support for popular peripherals, which is why a new scan function is finding its way into the system. With this, Google would like to make the scan by printer or similar hardware as comfortable as possible. There is a new system app that is used exclusively for scanning.

Live subtitles land on Chromebooks

Google first introduced live subtitles to Android in the Chrome browser, now the function is also finding its way into the Chrome OS. This means that all video content can be subtitled, completely automatically and in real time. Google wants to be able to make the function available on most Chromebooks in the next few weeks.

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