Tretinoin is the best anti wrinkle cream

Tretinoin - The Best Stuff For Wrinkles?

Retinol was previously considered THE active ingredient against the signs of aging in our skin. But tretinoin is now overtaking the antioxidant. But what's behind the antiaging miracle?

Vitamin A, also called Retinol known is pretty good stuff when it comes to Anti-aging for the skin goes. After all, it's one of the few active ingredients that does proven to have a skin-rejuvenating effect Has. But retinol is now facing serious competition, virtually from the same company. Tretinoin is the name of the active ingredient that has been around for longer than Secret weapon when it comes to fighting wrinkles. Tretinoin is said to be 20 times stronger than retinol and not only smooth wrinkles, but also improve the structure of the skin and prevent clogged pores. But what is actually behind tretinoin?

Tretinoin: what is it?

  • Like retinol, it belongs to the group of Retinoids, which includes different variants of vitamin A.
  • Tretinoin is a so-called derivative of the vitamin and is therefore also called Vitamin A acid designated.
  • The same as for retinol is also for tretinoin Effectiveness of the care substance proven.
  • The discovery was from tretinoin pure random. The American dermatologist Albert M. Kligman discovered the active ingredient as part of a study on the treatment of acne in the 1980s.

How does tretinoin work?

Tretinoin not only relieves acne but also promotes skin renewal. At the same time, the use of tretinoin prevents the formation of nasty pimples and the associated inflammation byexcess, thickened cornea detached and thus the sebum can flow out of the pores better. , so that clogged, inflamed pores do not arise in the first place. Through the Peeling effect Tretinoin makes the skin look more even, pigment spots are significantly reduced, and the skin gains new ones Tension and elasticity and fine lines are smoothed. Because: tretinoin promotes healthy cell division and stimulates the body's own Formation of collagen and elastin.

But beware!

Similar to retinol, tretinoin can especially be used on sensitive skin cause irritation at the beginning. Therefore, the application and the concentration of the active ingredient (available between 0.02 and 0.1 percent) should be increased slowly so as not to damage the skin. So she can slowly get used to the active ingredient. Particularly important: Tretinion makes the skin more sensitive to UV light. Therefore, please always use in the evening before bed and in the morning Sun protection Instruct.

Ok, so where can I get the antiaging miracle now?

While retinol is now available in various cosmetics, in Germany, at least for now, tretinoin is only available in the pharmacy available. Many products even are prescription only, as they significantly affect the structure of the skin. But there Tretinion in the USA, however, already totally hyped it will certainly not be long before the magic drug finds its way overseas to rid us of one or two pimples or wrinkles.