Where does Art Deco come from?

"In 2010, the ARTDECO cosmetic Group was able to continue its above-average growth in Germany and, above all, internationally", reports the cosmetics group based in Karlsfeld near Munich. ARTDECO is now one of the largest medium-sized cosmetics providers in Germany and employs more than 1,000 people in Germany, including around 450 full-time employees and more than 600 part-time employees and home workers.

"This year, too, 50 to 100 new employees will be hired in order to be able to cope with the unchanged disproportionate growth," said ARTDECO. "The expansion of the company headquarters by an office wing in Karlsfeld and a new logistics center in Bergkirchen will enable the creation of additional jobs in the next few years".

Helmut Baucht - founder and owner of the group of companies - also sees the further development as extremely positive, now that all brands can not only expand further in Germany, but also that there is still huge potential for above-average growth internationally.

The ARTDECO brand continues to share around 2/3 of the total sales of the group of companies, with ARTDECO meanwhile being the undisputed market leader in decorative cosmetics in the specialist trade with a value share of around 18% and around 40% of all in the specialist trade due to the low prices Make-up products sold carry the brand name ARTDECO. The topicality and popularity of the brand is also underlined by the fact that it has won many prizes, some of which were chosen by end consumers. The Prix de Beauté from Cosmopolitan magazine, the Glammy von Glamor and the Joy Trend Award have been won several times.

The market position in the specialist trade is also being systematically expanded in exports, with exports increasing by more than 40% in 2010 alone. The largest Russian perfumery chain "Letoile" was won, as was the entry into the Canadian chain Shopper’s Drugmart.

"New customers in Canada, Dubai, Paraguay and Bolivia as well as above-average growth rates in France, Switzerland, Greece, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Iran have also contributed to this sensational development. The brand is now represented in more than 70 countries worldwide", says the company.

In addition to the heart of the collection - the refillable eyeshadow and blusher range "Systems mosaique", the mascara range with growth rates of almost 50% and the new fashion accessory "nail polish", which more than doubled sales, were added to the range could, to equal bestsellers.

As the second brand of the group of companies, BEYU is now also represented in 36 countries, with the brand being exclusively represented by Douglas not only in Germany, but also in Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania. However, the largest market is now Russia, where over 1,200 perfumeries are supplied. At BEYU, too, sales development in 2010 was in the double-digit range.

The young lifestyle brand is not only very successful as a cosmetics brand, but also in the field of glasses, where there is a license agreement with the world's largest retailer - the Pearl Group - in Germany Apollo.

Another subsidiary of the holding company, which the group now operates as, ICB innovative cosmetic brands GmbH offers three other brands - MAKE UP FACTORY, MISSLYN and ANNY.

MAKE UP FACTORY has been successful on the market for several years and is offered exclusively by Müller in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There are also export partners in 38 countries.

MISSLYN was only bought in autumn 2010, has since been completely revised and is now being presented as "the" inexpensive entry-level brand for specialist retailers.

Although the brand restart will not take place until April 2011, all important department stores and Müller branches have already been won. In addition, MISSLYN will also be represented in many Douglas branches and in independent perfumeries. From June 2011, the brand will also be presented to the end consumer with large advertising campaigns. In the meantime, the first distribution contracts for France and Poland have been signed, whereby the brand is of course also offered worldwide.

As the third ICB brand, ANNY was created last year - a nail polish collection with 120 cutting-edge colors. ANNY has been available at all Douglas branches in Germany since February 2011 and will soon also be in several European countries. In addition, there are already distribution agreements with several countries.

The MALU WILZ brand is offered exclusively in the cosmetics institute, with this brand also expanding rapidly in the field of care cosmetics.

With American Nails, the professional nail salon is ultimately served, whereby MALU WILZ Beauté and American Nails function as independent companies and do not belong to the holding company.

In the product range, the focus is on the development of near-natural products, with the topic of mineral products becoming increasingly important - especially internationally. Thus, the ARTDECO cosmetic Group continues to focus on expansion with double-digit growth rates per year and also wants to become the market leader or at least one of the leading providers in the specialist trade in other markets - similar to Germany.

Source: ARTDECO cosmetic GmbH