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It has set a record: Netflix has announced that a series has received millions of clicks - even though it only started in October 2020.

The current Netlix series set one record after the other: Most recently, the streaming service revealed that "Barbarians" was the most successful non-English-language in-house production *. Overall she received 37 million views within the first four weeks of their publication. The mystery series got a little more clicks "Ratched", which made the most successful series debut of the year with 48 million views.

However, these numbers could be exceeded again. How Netflix revealed on Twitter "The Queen's Gambit" broke the next record - and that with a considerable amount of hits.

+++ Beware, there will be spoilers for the 1st season of "The Ladies' Gambit" +++

"The Queen's Gambit": Netflix series with a new record

"The Queen's Gambit" with leading actress Anya Taylor-Joy tells the story of Elizabeth Harmonwho discovered her love for chess in the orphanage. She soon competes in tournaments and is initially able to beat her opponents without any problems. The success goes hand in hand with her addiction to pills, because only with these aids can she determine the best moves. As her life starts to go awry, Elizabeth begins to question her addiction to pills.

The fictional story about professional chess Elizabeth Harmon has received a lot of attention from Netflix users. Although the series was released at the end of October 2020, a month later it is still in the German Netflix Top 10 (as of November 27, 2020). It should therefore hardly come as a surprise that "The Queen's Gambit" even set a record: “A record amount of 62 million households watched 'The Queen's Gambit' within 28 days. This is the production Netflix's most successful fictional mini-series“Reveals the streaming service on Twitter.

A record-setting 62 million households chose to watch The Queen’s Gambit in its first 28 days, making it Netflix's biggest scripted limited series to date. pic.twitter.com/TVC3p4i5Bv

- Netflix (@netflix) November 23, 2020

Additionally calls Netflix a few more facts: This is how the series should be ranked # 1 in the top 10 in 63 countries have made it. In addition, the book of the same name by Walter Tevis (promotional link) reappeared in the New York Times bestseller list - even though the novel is almost 40 years old. The search terms "How do I play chess" are also entered more frequently than usual on Google in the last few weeks.

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Trailer for the Netflix series "The Queen's Gambit"

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"The Queen's Gambit" on Netflix: will there be a second season?

The success speaks for a second season, but the fans shouldn't get too many hopes. At "The Queen's Gambit" it is a mini-series that ended after a few episodes without a cliffhanger. Beware, spoilers: There Elizabeth Harmon won the biggest and most difficult chess tournament in the final episode, it is also questionable which story the makers would want to tell in a second season. (soa) * tz.de is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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