How will companies like WhatsApp make a profit

WhatsApp Marketing: How To Use It For Your Business

The app's history began rather modestly. In 2009, founder Koum saw opportunities for a promising business model in the then still young Apple app store. His idea included not only sending short messages, but also Status reports from users. He was convinced that it is useful to know what the respective contact is doing.

Development was slow at first. Frequent app crashes and phone number syncing issues almost drove Koum to throw in the towel. But Acton advised against it. During the same period, Apple involuntarily helped the app on its way: From June 2009, app developers were able to Push notifications to use. WhatsApp users now saw immediately when someone changed their status.

The app developed into an instant messaging service. In addition, the company played in the cards that there was almost no competition. In addition to Skype, the only notable competitor was Blackberry's Messenger, which only worked on Blackberry smartphones. With WhatsApp, on the other hand, it was soon not only possible to reach people anywhere in the world by text message, but also to send photos or send voicemails.

WhatsApp is not only used by young people for a long time. The ease of use that Koum is striving for has the messenger service as hoped attractive in all age groups made. This seems to have achieved the actual goal: to develop an app that people who did not grow up with or used to use computers can use.