What's the next Xbox

Microsoft: Next generation Xbox is just called Xbox

Compared to magazines such as Business Insider, Microsoft in the USA has cleared up some ambiguities about the name of its upcoming consoles. According to the company, the whole next generation is simply called Xbox - just like the current model series is called Xbox One. The one device that has been presented so far also runs under Series X. Hence the name Xbox Series X, as is the case with the powerful Xbox One X currently available.

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"The Xbox Series X name leaves room for more consoles in the future"said a Microsoft spokesman. There have long been indications that the company is also working on a cheaper version of the next console. This version was previously known as Lockhart. Following the current naming convention, it could come onto the market as Xbox Series S (like Small) or Xbox Series L (like Lockhart).

It is unclear whether Xbox will only be launched with Series X or with a cheaper version at the end of 2020. For Microsoft, it is probably good to have several options in order to be able to undercut a Playstation 5 with at least one model in terms of price if necessary. When the Playstation 4 and Xbox One were launched, Sony had a price advantage of around 100 euros, which many observers cite as one of the reasons for the greater success of the PS4.

Microsoft has already released several versions of the Xbox One: There is the particularly fast Xbox One X, the relatively inexpensive Xbox One S and the driveless Xbox One S All Digital Edition. The console released in 2013 was called Xbox One, all others followed later.

The Xbox Series X presented in mid-December 2019 is probably the most powerful variant for the time being. The device is based on an eight-core CPU with Zen-2 architecture and a graphics unit with RDNA technology, so that hardware-based ray tracing is possible.

A next-gen mass storage device should ensure short loading times, presumably NVME SSDs - as is likely also the case with the Playstation 5. Series X should be capable of 4K with a frame rate of up to 120 fps and generally 8K, plus variable rate shading (VRS) for more performance with a slight loss of quality. A variable refresh rate (VRR) is also supported with suitable screens.