Are gods aliens

Erich von Däniken: Message from the Gods - Were our ancestors aliens?

Däniken leads you to new riddles, he shows convincing evidence and theses, traces of mysterious giants in Australia and Texas. The legends of the Hopi Indians, ritual dances of the Kajapos in the Brazilian jungle, the basalt city of Nan Madol in the South Pacific up to the 6,000 m high sacrificial sites in the Andes.

Why do old legends consistently tell of fair-skinned beings who sailed through the air in fire-breathing ships? How did the skull found in Honduras come from pure rock crystal?

The millennia-old stones from Ica already show, among other things, a heart operation. All of these inexplicable phenomena make sense overall: They support Däniken's thesis, according to which an extraterrestrial, much more developed civilization left its traces on earth in the distant past. Erich von Däniken: "Puma Pubka left me speechless. There is a magnificent panorama from another time, another world ..."

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