Can a Toyota Camry pull a trailer

The towbar program for Toyota

Which Toyota models can be retrofitted with a towbar?

Almost all Toyota models can be retrofitted with a tow bar and tow a trailer. There are a few exceptions, especially among hybrid and sports cars. A look at the vehicle registration document reveals whether the vehicle is generally allowed to tow a trailer. Here's under the point Maximum trailer load the number of kilograms that can be drawn is listed. A mere line indicates that the vehicle is not suitable for pulling a trailer.

With just a few clicks you can find out whether your own Toyota model can be retrofitted with a trailer coupling from Transportsysteme24: Simply enter the Toyota model and the series on the home page or in the left column - and all available trailer hitches and complete sets for the corresponding Toyota model displayed.

The different Toyota towbars: rigid, detachable or swiveling?

Depending on how you want to use your towbar, there is different designs: The rigid, the detachable and the swiveling towbar.

  • The rigid towbar is the classic among towbars. It is cheaper than the other variants and the perfect companion for constant use. She will permanently mounted on the vehicle and is therefore always ready for use. But it is always visible, regardless of whether you are pulling a trailer or not. For some drivers, it is an obstacle when parking and loading and unloading the trunk.
  • The removable trailer attachment has a movable ball head. As a result, it can be set up in just a few simple steps, even after it has been installed on the trolley simply take it off again. It can be reassembled just as quickly when in use. This makes it suitable for occasional and infrequent use. When it is not in use, the Toyota shines with its familiar look.
  • With the swiveling trailer coupling you get the advantages of the other two variants combined in one design. Like the rigid version, the swiveling version is permanently mounted on the vehicle, but its swiveling ball head enables the device Invisible under the bumper when not in use to pan. This means that the trailer hitch is always ready for use and is not noticeable when not in use.

To find the right towbar, Transportsysteme24 offers the option of specifying the respective Toyota model. If you have specified the brand, model and year of manufacture, all available towbars are listed.

Retrofit the Toyota towbar yourself or let the professional do the work?

It is up to you whether you install the Toyota trailer hitch yourself or bring the trailer hitch from Transportsysteme24 to a workshop. In theory, you can Simply install it yourself. This takes about six hours, a little patience and basic technical knowledge. So that everything goes easily by hand, the Trailer hitch instructions.

This indicates which area of ​​the bumper has to be cut out for attaching the towing device and where the towing hitch is then attached. Once this part has been mastered, which takes about three hours, an electrical kit is installed. Anyone who has ordered one of the AHK complete sets has the right electrical kit at hand. Anyone who chooses a single towbar must also select the electrical kit individually.

Without an electrical kit, the trailer receives no electricity - so it has to be installed. Since the Electrical kit is connected to the vehicle's electronicsa little technical know-how is required for installation. Almost all Toyota towbars from Transportsysteme24 do not require a direct inspection by the TÜV after their own installation - a trailer can be pulled immediately.