Where can you buy custom clothing labels

Woven labels - design yourself

Whether you need a few individual labels for your homemade creations or professional labels for work, we offer you a wide selection. Below you will find a large number of textile labels as well as labels made of metal, silicone and leather. With us you can create labels for sewing into fabric, knit, etc.

Textile labels

Market your garments with textile labels. Our woven labels are typically used in the professional textile industry where the labels are either discreetly applied or as an important part of the design on fabrics. We produce your textile labels in your own design and you decide on the fold, size, color and weave. Of course, we also supply textile labels with a logo. We can weave up to eight different colors into the ribbon.

Made-by labels are useful for those who sew, knit or crochet for their family and friends. A made-by label gives your self-made work a nice and final touch, and the recipient will always remember who the good piece came from. The labels are available with many different cute texts, such as "conjured up by grandma", "by me for you" or "made with love". The fine labels can be easily applied to your creations and are available with an end hem as well as with a center fold. Labels with "Handmade", "Homemade" or "Handcrafted" are also popular if you are reselling your good pieces. Made-by labels can be bought from just 1 piece, so you only have to buy exactly the quantity you need.

Labels with a center fold or folded ends

Center-fold labels are custom labels that you can use to create great labels with names on them. You choose the colors, fonts and symbols yourself. The only thing that is set in advance is the size: 30x15 mm. Center-fold labels are perfect for sewing into the seams of clothing and other textiles. If you opt for center-fold labels, you will receive a beautiful and professional label that can be sewn in your own design and that professionally notes your products. You can even add washing instructions.

Decide for yourself what your end-fold labels should look like. When you choose to use folded-end clothing labels, you have your own choice of text, colors, and fonts. The labels are ideal for knitted or crocheted textiles and other fabrics for which you want a clear note, e.g. as a beautiful finish for your product. The size for the labels is 20x50 + 7mm for the folded ends. Give your handicraft product or your collection a personal touch.

Embroidered badges

The embroidered badges are one of our most popular products. An embroidered badge can be worn on work clothes, bags, scout uniforms or as an emblem on clothing. There are many ways to customize an embroidered badge, including a logo to convey the exact message you want. The badges can be laser cut to give them a very sharp contour.

Are the knees of your pants chafed or do you fancy changing your clothes to make them look cooler? Patches are just the thing to breathe new life into your clothes. Patches for ironing on and sewing on can embellish cowboy pants, flight suits and blouses, among other things. Sewing and ironing labels are also an easy way to create a new favorite jersey for your kids by adding their favorite characters from Cars, Spiderman, Batman, Hello Kitty, Frozen or Inside Out.

Woven size labels and laundry labels

Are you looking for a simple and inexpensive way to note size information in your creations or self-made clothing? We have woven size stickers in black and white in stock in all common sizes. We are also happy to produce special size labels in your own design. Our in-stock size labels can be ordered from 10 pieces.

If clothes are washed properly, they will function longer, which is good for the environment too. You can help consumers with washing instructions. You can design and print your own washing instructions, create your own washing symbols or choose from our pre-printed washing labels. If you opt for our pre-printed washing labels, your order will be dispatched the same day (order before 2 p.m., Mon-Fri). If you design your own washing instructions, you have more options to personalize the washing instructions.

Leather, metal and silicone labels

Leather labels are suitable for all those who want an exclusive label that looks a bit unusual. Leather labels can be used on clothing as well as furniture or as tags. You choose whether you want your labels to be made of real or synthetic leather. You can order leather labels with both printing and engraving.

Do you want your labels to stand out from your competitors? Then it might be worth thinking about metal labels. Metal labels can be produced with either a hollow embossed or a blind embossed logo and print. You decide whether you find holes for sewing in or adhesive areas on the back more practical. Your metal labels are exclusively produced according to your special production, so you have a good chance of receiving a product that fits perfectly into your brand universe.

Due to their versatility, silicone labels are suitable for a wide variety of applications. We can make your silicone labels with glue on the back or with side seams so that you can sew your silicone labels onto textiles. Silicone labels are often used on clothing, furniture, blinds and floor mats. Silicone labels can be produced with either a printed, engraved or raised logo. Alternatively, we can also make them out of rubber.