What are angels doing

What are angels doing in heaven?

The concept of angels and heaven is extremely esoteric, and the prophecies relating to firsthand visions of heaven are not to be taken literally, namely Ezekiel and Isaiah. Rambam defines many of the words used in the accounts and how they should be properly translated in order to understand them. He teaches that the angels are intertwined with "God's glory", creation, chaos, and the natural laws of the universe, which he calls "divine science". It shouldn't really be discussed as it can be very easily misunderstood. However, in The Guide of the Perplexed, the rambam does its best to explain without breaking the ban.

God is incorporeal and immutable, as such he uses messengers to interact with lower worlds that require physical interaction.

Angels do not have free will like humans, and they must follow Hashem's will. There is some latitude in how they can fulfill God's commandment, but ultimately there is a government command that they must obey. In nature, it's like a leaf floating down from a tree, it will definitely fall to the ground, but how it gets there is unpredictable.


To "Angels have no free will" - Discusses Ramba this in Moreh Han'vuchim ? If yes, where?


I wasn't clear. Angels have free will, just not like humans. He discusses it in Part II, Chapters 6 and 7. I thought I had read the leaf metaphor in Moreh Han'vuchim too, but I am currently having no luck finding it.


No problem. There are definitely other places in the book where he addresses the nature of the angels' free will, like at the beginning of the third part where he talks about the ophanim, chayos, cherubim and serafim. If I find others to apply, I'll post more.