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Macbeth. Ambition, power and madness according to Jo Nesbø

Photo: Video recording of the presentation by Macbeth in London. Courtesy of Jo Nesbø's Facebook page.

They'll talk about you for years, Macbeth.. This is one of the sentences Duff (Shakespeare's McDuff) says in the novel he wrote Jo Nesbo about the classic English bard for the Hogarth project. And yes, we already talked about Macbeth 500 year old. But another 500 will pass and this universal story about that Ambition, power and betrayal It is still read and versioned.

I finished this Macbeth that Nesbø took 2 year old written. It took me a long time 6 days100 pages a day and without wanting to stop. It's what usually happens to me with every book by this writer, weaknesses of my black weaknesses, as the usual customers here already know. What I can say in two words: pure Nesbø. So if you don't agree with your religion or are purists of the classic, don't read any further. But those who are not prejudiced keep going. The essence of the most twisted, yet fragile, darkest, and most terrifying of human nature is still there. And the Viking Nesbø is a master who tells it.


Macbeth and me

In my academic years (studying with F. Inglesa) I had to write an essay about it Macbeth, my favorite William Shakespeare work. I chose the development of the relationship betweenhe and banquo, also a general in King Duncan's army and his most loyal friend. It was what drew me most about the play: a friendship that seems unshakable and that is cruelly broken by betrayal by Macbeth's excessive ambition, fueled by his wife, Lady Macbeth. I was also very attracted toMcDuff's character development.

Macbeth and Nesbø

More than 20 years after I wrote this essay, I've read this version and feel as discouraged with these characters as I did with the classic, and for the same reasons. In other words, the essence has not changed an iota in this regard History is suffocated by the constant rain and darkness that blanketed a chaotic indefinite city of the 1970s. A city drowned from decay, the industrial crisis, drug trafficking, and moral poverty of its corrupt rulers and law enforcement agencies. Almost everything can be summed up in this sentence:

«Maybe nothing makes sense, maybe we are just single sentences in an eternal and chaotic murmur in which everyone is talking and no one is listening, and our worst premonition turns out to be true: We are alone. All alone.

This is how all the characters of the classic work as well as the selfishness, ambitions and trauma that they bring with them. His characters are there too, but now they are Mayors, police chiefs and policemen Some are corrupt, others struggle not to be, even though they end up accepting it. You are too Biker dealers, drug lords Who manages them all and whose service they are three witches Potion cooks and poisonous "strength". And everyone goes and meets Night clubs, dingy abandoned stations and factories, gray harbors or dazzling casinoslike Inverness where it ruleslady, unconditional love, but also the madness and fate of a Macbeth who is who he is and lives only for her.

«Women understand hearts and how to address them. Because the heart is the woman we carry within us ».

That saysDuffand he says it very well. Because with a development similar to that of Macbeth, Share the lead role with him in this version. Here has been Macbeth's friend and support since they met at the orphanage when they were young and lost their families. They share too much darker moments and as adults and cops, they become alienated from Duff's selfishness and promotion, the lack of ambition and even naivety of Macbeth and a woman, that of Duff (Meredith), in a Love triangle important for the plot.

It will be them, the women, who mark the fate of the two, as they do in the classic. Duff will lose his wife and Macbeth will be carried away with ambition and madness too ladywhom she meets in a masterful scene of a police operation in the casino she runs. Older than him, dazzling, disturbing and deeply traumatizedFate connects them irretrievably. What it lacks, it makes up for abundantly and unscrupulously. And it condemns it too. Or not.

"We will never become something we are not yet." Macbeth

Yes, he already knows. Everything for people, for people and with people, because he's out of town. He's not got the blood or the education, and he's not part of the elite who are or pretend to be Duff or Police Chief Duncan or the Mayor. But that brings him to Paradox of becoming a murderer. Let yourself be carried away by induced ambition.

Can you read this Macbeth without knowing the Shakespearean classic?

Naturally Without a complex.

Those of us who have read or seen it in so many film adaptations, that was the last one we find all the classics: Witches, curses, sabers, daggers, ghosts, predictions and a lot of style almost from theatrical language. There are also all characters out Duncan The castle goalkeeper (here a very relevant dealer for the story) goes through that Nobles but expand and cross their stories in a Nesbø-style puzzle. There are those too Chaining and twists of the house brand scene that leaves you in doubt, even if you know the argument well.

Most reluctantly for reading classics (or Shakespeare) whose verse and style are difficult for them, even if it is a short work, must find out (or not) in these 638 pages. They are not lacking Blood, nor violence in abundance. And they have intrigue, action, madness and a spectacular ending with this almost fantastic note, which Nesbø does not do without. He threw breadcrumbs at you all the way and that's where you land and admire how he solves that forecast What Macbeth Believes is that there will be no man born of a woman who can kill him. So this duff scar means everything. And you go to Fleance Revenge his father and you will cry again for the great Banquo, here, too, a father of Macbeth becomes more than a friend.


For all. Lovers of detective novels, classics, Shakespeare, Nesbø and just great stories that can be told in many ways.

A few more sentences

  • “The desire to be loved, the ability to love, give people strength and are their Achilles heel. Give them hope in love and they will move mountains; take it off and a breath of breeze will knock it down. " Hecate
  • "It is your good qualities that have overthrown you, your lack of cruelty." Duff.
  • You have always known all your life that you are doomed to lose in the end. This certainty was and is you, Macbeth.Duff
  • "I became a murderer so no one could smear the name of the police, it was for the city, against anarchy." Macbeth