Where can I get discounted Disney passes?

The Shareholders Club of Euro Disney S.C.A.

The Shareholders Club of Euro Disney S.C.A. is an exclusive club originally aimed at the shareholders of the Disneyland Paris operating company. In the meantime, the Walt Disney Company has taken over all the shares, so that there are no longer any small shareholders. For the former shareholders, however, to thank them for their loyalty to the company for many years, the Shareholders Club offer will be received, at least until 2027.
In addition to some perks and privileges, the Shareholders Club offers regular information about the company, from time to time special events and, for example, the Mickey Salon - a small private room at the entrance to Disneyland Paris, where you can get small snacks and drinks included in the morning. More on this further down the page - at least that's how it was in the past.
Salon Mickey will remain in place for the time being, as will the discount regulations. It remains to be seen whether there are still special events etc.

Important NOTE
The Shareholders Club is a voluntary offer by Euro Disney S.C.A., which is aimed at the resort's former shareholders.
Unfortunately, in recent years it has increasingly been understood as a pure money-saving model.
It is legitimate to save money with the Shareholders Club membership, when shopping, going to restaurants etc., after all, conversely, many shareholders also buy more souvenirs and spend more at Disneylans, but especially the free offers such as Salon Mickey should to use wisely. Unfortunately, the Mickey salon in particular has been massively exploited by some members over the past few years to get free drinks and snacks, and the regulations have been circumvented time and again with many tricks. We would like to ask our readers to only use the offers of the Shareholders Club in a framework that is fair to the provider!