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Success comes when you do what you love - Monday Motivation 4

Hello and a wonderful good morning at Motivation Monday podcast from Sidepreneur.

I chose a great quote, which I liked right away and which I would like to philosophize about with you here in this episode and give you a few questions and suggestions for the week so that you are on your way to a more self-determined and motivated Are inspired by life.

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Often you are stuck in dead ends, in treadmills or in hamster wheels, you can no longer see the goal clearly in front of your eyes and are happy when you get a different perspective or perspective from the outside.

Today I brought you a quote from Albert Einstein. It says:

"Success comes when you do what you love"

Did you get up this morning and were you happy because you were doing what you love? Or do you do your job, your self-employment, your employment because you have to - because you think you have to? Maybe you don't see the point in your work either? But because you've always done it this way, do you just keep doing it?

Are you successful in your job?
Do you love what you do

That's the big question I want to ask everyone at the start of the week. Because in fact it is like this ... When we love what we do, getting up in the morning is no longer difficult at all because we have found the purpose. Why we get up, why we sit down at the laptop, why we go to the office, why we give the lecture, why we do what we do and what we earn money with to fill our fridge, to have a place to stay, the hobby to pursue or to go on vacation.

So that you can live more self-determined and freely, it is absolutely important that you do a job that makes sense for you, corresponds to your own vision and with which you pursue a very specific goal. If you enjoy this work and enjoy it, then success will come too.

Another question right away. Success is just a word. But what exactly is success?

A few months ago I was at a seminar where the group also asked: When you hear the word success, what other terms do you think of?

What does success mean to you?

In our westernized world, people often equate with a full bank account or with making a lot of money. You surely also know it when you are out and about in the online world, as is often suggested to you, I'll show you these and that tricks and then you will earn six-figure figures in x months. This suggests to you that if you follow these steps, then you will be successful and will be happy.

There are many facets to success

Of course, this is not necessarily the case. Success can look very different. Everyone defines success differently. Yes, it can be success if you earn X sum. But it can also be success if you can divide your time freely. Or that with the job you do you have more time for your family again or that you can work from anywhere in the world. That it is possible to pursue a hobby again because you can give yourself the time for it and maybe no longer travel the world.

It is also the other way around, because you can allow yourself to travel around the world with your suitcase. It can be very, very different.

I just remembered health. Whether one calls health a success is an open question. But being healthy is so important and above many things. What good is the full business account if I'm not healthy.

Therefore I would like to ask you at this point to define โ€œWhat does success mean to me?โ€

What's your definition of success?

Just take a blank piece of paper and write down what thoughts and words come to you. Or do I make it a habit for you to reflect on the past working week on Friday and consider: What was a success this week?
A success can also be, for example, that I have looked at a new online tool and learned to use it, which makes some work steps easier for me. Or that I attended a course and, and, and.

Be proud of your achievements

I'm sure you know that too. Sometimes there are days when you have doubts or are in a bad mood and then you can take these successes - no matter how small - and see what you have already achieved and mastered on your way or what successes you are aiming for could book you.

With that in mind, my input to you this week is: Do you love what you do

If the answer is no, then start thinking about what you love and how you can bring that more into your life.
If you're already doing what you love - congratulations, that's really great!

And the second big question: How do you define success for yourself? Just make an overview of what your definition of success is and at the end of the week write down what your success of the week is.

As always, I would be happy if you write to [email protected] what your thoughts on this episode are and what path you are currently on. I look forward to your message and wish you a nice week with lots of fun and joy! See you next time ... Bye ๐Ÿ™‚

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Juliane Benad

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