Why is Gmail better than Outlook

Gmail: Microsoft Outlook killer thanks to a new design?

Just recently, Google integrated its video conference application Meet in Gmail, now the next change is coming: As the Google Watchblog reports, the online giant is changing the design of Gmail in the Android app and the browser - making its mail the center of Google -Communication. Leaked screenshots of an internal presentation reveal this. If the publications are to be believed, Google plans to better integrate its communication tools with Gmail. What sounds unimportant for private users could be beneficial for companies. Many use the Microsoft Office suite for their communication, consisting of Outlook, Teams, OneDrive & Co. Sometimes other communication tools such as Slack or Zoom are added - in the end, a confusion arises that complicates the consultation between colleagues.

Gmail in the browser: one column for everything

In the left column, users navigate to various Google tools.

A picture shows the new Gmail design in the browser. The left column is interesting: There users navigate not only to the inbox or outbox of Gmail, but also in chat rooms of various work groups or to chat windows with different employees. You can also see the Google calendar, which shows the upcoming appointments.

Gmail: Changes in the Android app

In the new app design, users will find the communication tools at the bottom of the screen.

The redesign of Gmail's Android app looks similar. However, users do not control mail, chat rooms, chats and video conferences in the left column, but via symbols at the bottom of the screen. A third screenshot also shows these icons in the browser version on the left-hand side. They may open with a click and thus show the various chats and work groups, as can be seen in the first browser image.

On the left again - but apparently folded in - the chat rooms are shown in this picture. The symbols are the same as those in the app.

Gmail: Development would be consistent

Most private users were annoyed by the Google Meet integration. However, the Meet tab can be hidden in the left column. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that Google will initially only implement the innovation in G Suite - the Gmail accounts for business customers. An official announcement of the redesign is still pending, but could take place at the "Cloud Next" conference, which runs from July 14th to September 8th, 2020.

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